Brats in a Blanket


Brats were on sale, so we have a lot of brats. Typically, I make homemade buns and we grill the brats. Or I make various stews. It’s all good. But with this many brats, it was time to think outside the usual. I came up with these “brats in a blanket” as a fast dinner for the kids to grab late after sports practices last night. (SO MUCH better than pigs in a blanket. These are Italian sausages. YUM.) I used angel biscuit dough to wrap them, made with my Quick Mix.

I’ll do a post soon about how to make angel biscuits with Quick Mix (and how to make them without a mix, too)! I love angel biscuits, for certain occasions. (What are angel biscuits, you ask? An angel biscuit recipe is a biscuit recipe that has all the usual biscuit recipe ingredients….plus yeast. Will explain more in the post!)

Meanwhile, these brats in a blanket are a new favorite around here!


  1. Karen Anne says:

    Italian sausages? Are we talking about German bratwurst here?

  2. Karen Anne says:

    Then again, I’ve never seen brown bratwurst, so I don;t know what you’ve got there.

  3. Tracey In Paradise,Pa. says:


  4. Rhonda says:

    I can see my boys jumping all over these. And angel biscuits, bring ’em on.

  5. becky3086 says:

    Those really look good! I am going to have to try these.

  6. SuseM says:

    Sounds delicious! We love brats as well. Can’t wait to find out the angel biscuit recipe.

  7. Merlin says:

    I get SO excited when I find more people who know about Angel Biscuits! :snoopy: I GREW up eating those and thought it was my Grandma’s recipe until I discovered one day that some people know what it is!!!! :bugeyed: They are the most “to die for”, “melt in your mouth”, and just downright heavenly yeast biscuits EVER!!!! :sun:

  8. cranberry says:

    oh Brauts in a blanket! I was thinkin’ which ‘lil animal brat got hisself wrapped up in a blankie! those look soooo good, i’ve been craving something like that for awhile. Every time I’m watching my figure!

  9. DonnaTN says:

    It is lunch time and those look so good. My mouth is watering!

  10. Langela says:

    I make them with hotdogs, using homemade bread dough to wrap them in. After baking them, I put the extras in the freezer. Then when the kids want one, they just nuke it for a minute or two.

  11. christyw says:

    I must say when i saw that headline “Brats in a blanket” I expected to see baby goats or kittens wrapped in a blankie! LOL I thought it was brat as in spoiled child! hey, maybe you should use that title again! in the barnyard!

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