There’s so much snow and ice in the chicken yard, their water bowl is at ground level now. See that chicken with his foot on the edge of the bowl? The bowl is BURIED, surrounded by snow and ice.


  1. Jan Alexander says:

    Did you mean “burrrrrrrr-ried”

  2. NorthCountryGirl says:

    I used a big heavy flower pot to elevate the waterer in the chicken yard. Because the top of the pot was large enough to accommodate the waterer, I could set it on the rim and it was stable enough to sit there without falling off. The pot was filled with dirt to weight it. Now the water doesn’t get dirty like it did at ground level. The waterer doesn’t get frozen fast (if it sticks on really cold days, I pour a little of the warm water they get over the bottom and it comes right off). Recycled flower pot and happy, healthy chickens!

  3. Chic says:

    I guess we’re pretty lucky here in our part of Kansas at the moment we have no snow (other than shady spots). We keep our water in the coop with a light bulb under it to keep it from freezing but today it’s raining so we don’t have to worry about ice thank goodness! I hope your snow is gone soon and that your roads are clear again. :hungry2:

  4. Nikki says:

    Bet you’re glad your house isn’t at the bottom of the hollow when all that snow and ice finally melt!

  5. Nancy in Iowa says:

    Don’t their little toesies get frostbitten? I worry, you know…. :chicken: :chicken:

  6. princessvanessa says:

    Should we readers start knitting and crocheting chicken foot-warmers? How about beak warmers? First one with a doable pattern, please post it. jk, jk

  7. SuzzyQ says:

    Your chicken pictures are so colorful. Very charming.

  8. Gillian says:

    I live in upstate NY and learned from an old farmer- to gve hens SNOW…..it will prevent their combs frm freezing!….my girls have a water heater- but I always add a bowl of snow inside the coop and they love it!! :chicken:

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