But What If I Need to Brush My Teeth?


Cats hate to get wet, but they’re always sitting in sinks directly under faucets.

One of life’s great paradoxes!


  1. shannan says:

    My Oscar has been in the bathroom sink the last couple days. What is up with that? He scared the pee out of me when I went in there and turned on the light and he popped up out of the sink!

  2. kathyrossen says:

    I always complain that I need a double sink so my cat can have her own. Who am I kidding though, she will still want the one I am using!

  3. chickenherd says:

    Haha! At least your cats don’t stand on the toilet seat and lean precariously over the edge to drink. It’s way too easy and tempting for the dog to just sneak up and tip them in! 😆

  4. 4jsMOM says:

    What a cute picture. Aren’t cats wonderful!!!!

  5. rurification says:

    Our cats hang out in the tub. [eyeroll] And they balance precariously on the edge of the toilet and lean in to drink [eew], even when a water dish is right there.

    Cats are inscrutable.

  6. Hlhohnholz says:

    I love all the comments…But to me it just points out that those are all reasons why we love cats! They’re completely unpredictable. If you want predictable, get a dog. 😀 I prefer some of each, myself. lol Perfect balance!

  7. NancyL says:

    Oh, yes! But mine prefers the tub. I have a handicap shower chair in there, and twice I almost sat on her – was close enough to feel cat hair on my butt! I finally learned to check it out before I sit. She gets in the tub whenever she wants, but usually from behind the chair. Or she’ll climb up on the edge of the tub and peer at me around the curtain. She does know enough to keep her face away from the water…..

  8. whaledancer says:

    Sink? What sink? It looks like a perfect kitty bowl to me.

  9. roosterrun says:

    Ok, I must be the only crazy person on here. I haven’t had my coffee yet this morning so give me a break. When first glancing at the picture I thought it was a roasted chicken in the sink. I wondered what had gone wrong that you had to throw it out, then I enlarged the pic. Hahaha Don’t I feel stupid!

  10. lavenderblue says:

    One of our cats has taken to sleeping in the litter pans. Huh? That can’t be good, right? Particularly for the other cats.

  11. joykenn says:

    I HAVE the solution. I bought a very soft blanket for our bed made of some very plush fabric. My cat LOVE it. She kneads it and love to cuddle up in the folds by the pillow. She wallows in and creates a little nest. (Luckily the blanket is kitty colored!)

    She’s already mourning the closed windows now that she can’t sit there all day smelling the outdoors and watching the birds. No matter how much she meows its too cold to leave open. So when I exchange this nice soft blanket for a heavier one, I know she’s going to find some way to get even. The life of a cat is a hard one. 🙂

  12. holstein woman says:

    My momma cat comes and gets me when she wants a drink. Meow, come flush so I can have a drink of fresh water, meow (please). Or comes and waits for me to flush when I am finished. 3 Cats, 1 drinking bowl in the house, the toilet! The dog also as they were all trained to drink so I don’t have to have a water dish.

  13. dmcfarland says:

    My cats present and in the past would try to drink from the toilet but and I had to re-train everyone to keep the lid DOWN. They should not be drinking that water. There is bacteria in the bowl and some people use the products that add the blue coloring to indictate that product is supposedly working in the tank. My vet specifically said to never let animals drink from toilets and when we give it more thought it should be obvious. They are attracted because the water is colder than in their water bowls. As for sleeping/lying in the litter pan, I had a cat do that when it was ill. Another motivating reason to put the toilet lid down is the fact that when flushed fine mist/droplets of water is spewed as much as 5 feet up and outwards from the toilet and this of course is bacteria laden. So anything in that range is contaminated…….think of all the things some households have on adjacent counters or the back of the toilet. There’s a reason for the lids:-)

  14. UlrikeDG says:

    I used to have a cat who did that. He was bigger than the sink (heavier than my 2 year old human child, even!), and if you turned on the water, he would wait and see if you were going to leave it running very long before HEAVING himself up out of the sink and THUMPING to the floor.

  15. wanda1950 says:

    I’ve got a drip in my bathroom sink. I guess it’ll never be fixed. Charlie, my little tortie girl, loves to go in there & lick the drops–comes out with water on her head from what dripped while she was licking. Also, she takes off for the bathroom every time I go because I started flea combing her up on the vanity. Beats me there usually.

  16. Flowerpower says:

    Go figure cats! It can’t be done. Mine has not gotten in the sink yet but he has checked out the big tub and I don’t know how in this world I ever went to the toilet alone? He accompanies me each and every time I go rubbing around my legs and trying to see what I am doing. My toilet lid stays down too or he will drink from it and I can’t stand that! :bugeyed:

  17. Pete says:

    Not really being a cat person, I had never experienced this until fairly recently. It was sooo funny to see the 18lb baby curled up in the lavatory! Guess it’s not so odd after all!

    Thanks for sharing, eveyone. Nice to know.

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