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Aptly named!

(That’s Buttercup, in the pantry, with a candlestick. Er, cat food bag…….)


  1. Granny Trace says:

    OH MY SHE IS A HUNGRY GIRL!! Probably like always. Thats how my critters are. My hub always says did you feed them today? Seriously?
    Granny Trace

  2. kellyb says:

    My kittie chewed through the side of a bag of new cat food once. I found him standing in a pile of cat food eating as much as his tummy could hold. I thought I may have forgotten to feed him but found his bowl full. I guess he just wanted to try the new brand a little earlier than I had planned. Don’t critters just make you smile sometimes?

  3. TinaBell says:

    Wow, I can so relate! I have to keep my cat food in a plastic tub under the sink. This container has a pour spout in the top that one of my houdini cats knows how to open! I buy their food in bulk and just refill the tub when needed; the bag has to stay IN MY CLOSET where there’s a door that closes to keep it safe from marauders!! They haven’t figured out yet how to turn the knob! Silly kitties…they always act like they’re starving TO DEATH…so dramatic!

  4. lattelady says:

    Jeez, they like the freshest, just as we do. My cat can open all sorts of doors, should have named him Houdini. Finally put the dry food in a large can with lid which is hard even for me to remove.

  5. chickenherd says:

    Haha! My fat cat would eat fresh food if he could, but he’s too clumsy. And our smart cat doesn’t really care too much about food…is she even a CAT or what??

  6. Zusiqu says:

    That’s a funny picture! I have a male cat that is always into EVERYTHING! My previous female cat didn’t get into stuff like he does. I don’t know if it is a gender thing, or what…

  7. Flowerpower says:

    Didn’t she tell you? It’s always better directly out of the bag! :snoopy:

  8. jan n tn says:

    We call that WEEKEND FOOD around here, just open the bag / bucket and leave for the day and a half. Plenty of water, and mine thinks it’s heaven. We’ve seen that picture before, with a grey butt hanging out of the bag.

  9. Ms.Becky says:

    she’s a cutie, and just felt like raiding the pantry. :yes:

  10. anghaley says:

    LOL! that is a great pic, I have to say it is a lot better than finding a kitty next to a bag of kitty litter…ripped hole in the side…pile of kitty litter on the floor…and kitty doing his dooty… :no: They are smart little boogers. 😆 Makes me laugh

  11. Liz Pike says:

    Aww! Yep they will get into everything! I’ve got pics of my cats eating horse feed as I was portioning it out in the kitchen, and pics of my horse eating their cat food I’d left on the back porch! Cats are so hilarious!

  12. wanda1950 says:

    No bag of cat food is safe around here. Charlie (my little tortie) has figured out how to get the cabinet door open. Have to prop it shut with something heavy before I pour up the new bag in the covered bucket. She will also tear us cat litter bags if she can get to them. Strangely enough, she is a little skinny thing & not a big eater at all. Lily, our little black butterball, doesn’t bother the bags but will take over your plate if you let her. She will sit in the kitchen watching me like a hawk hoping I’ll give her a sprinkle of parmesan (or any kind) of cheese.

  13. Donna says:

    Cafeteria style, self-service, eh?
    What a cutie, LOL! :clover:

  14. Turtle Mom says:

    My husband used to allow the cat to help herself to the bag and now she’s a HUGE 20 pound FAT cat!

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