Cat, Dreaming


Oh, the painful longings at the bird feeders!


  1. Joell says:

    So many disapointments in a kittys life.
    Look at the last photo—it looks like you tree is porducing fruit that looks like mini-cows. 😆

  2. Old Geezer says:

    Dreaming? Or … planning, as in …?

    p = m v
    ac = − ω2 r
    F̅ Δt = m Δv

    Ok, I weigh 3.62874kg. The wind is from the South at 2kt. The height is 1.2m. The temperature is 18c.

    Hmm. Does not compute. I need to lose a few kg first.


  3. ClaudiaL says:

    I must say Suzanne, I love your life! I love it so much I have tried to mimic you…on a smaller scale. I bought five acres in the Pacific Northwest back in January with a small barn turned house on it. It also has a second parcel that I have put a mobile home on to renovate and rent out for more income. (I am now making more money than when I was working for someone else)
    I bought some goats and I now have some geese, we just finished our fencing (damn, THAT was HARD) and my daughter’s and my horses are free to roam around the house. Well, outside the house. We also have chickens, cats, dogs and I have three fish which will be moved to a pond as soon as I get one made (yee!).
    I have you to thank for leading me to this life. I loved what you were doing so much, that when the universe put this opportunity in front of me, I jumped at the chance. I have never been more happy.
    My goals are to make goats milk soap and cheese, I inherited lavender plants with the property, (everyone here grows it, we are in the lavender capital of the US here)so I will be making lots of lavender soap. I also will be getting some Angora rabbits when I can make a nice dry home for them, so I can brush them for their fur and then learn to spin it. I can sell some, but mostly I want to weave things with it. Another part of my income will hopefully be visiting all the fairs they have in this area, with a booth of my own to sell my wares.
    Sorry this is so long, but I just wanted you to know that you encourage people to do things they might not otherwise try. (Me for example) Thank you, thank you!

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