Cat Warmers


This is the first day I’ve been able to turn off the cat warmers after this past week of freezing temperatures. At night, I open the cabinet doors to keep the pipes warm, but Precious the Puppy will tear everything out of the cabinets when she’s up so during the day I was just keeping this cat warmer near the cabinets with the doors shut. I have a couple more I’ve had running at other key locations, and I think I got through this first bad winter spell with no frozen pipes except possibly one drain line on the outer wall of the cellar. I have pipes in some places that are just about impossible to protect, but so far, not bad for this winter’s pipe protection plan! All main pipes got through just fine. And all the cats are warm…..


  1. GA_in_GA says:

    So glad the pipes made it through and the kitties have been warm.

  2. Joell says:

    It is nice to hear you have made it through the winter so far with no major happenings, a nice change from winters past.
    We are just melting a bit from freezing rain that came through last night.

  3. Marigene says:

    I know how the cats like all that heat…mine lay on the floor registers hogging all the warm air blowing up. I fixed them…I found a couple tall wire topiary thingies to put over the registers without impeding the air flow…boy, have I gotten some dirty looks!
    Have a great week, hope you don’t get any frozen pipes…

  4. RosieJo says:

    What is a cat warmer? Just a small heater or a heater made specifically for cats? I am clueless in more ways than one……

  5. Joell says:

    Suzanne-I apologize for asking this question here, but dont know where ot who else to ask, any progress on updating the forum, we are still unable to read or post.
    Thank you

  6. Joell says:


    Thank you Suzanne.

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