Chicken Almost in the Road


Perhaps it was this escaped meat roo who whispered in Mr. Pig’s ear and got him riled up to escape as well. Perhaps comradeship in the shadow of doom. In any case, this meat roo has been spending quite a bit of time lately down near the road. I think he’s looking to hitch a ride.

Meanwhile, Mr. Pig is back home.

No animals were harmed in the production of this post.



  1. Miss Judy says:

    I think Mr. Roo is just trying to get up enough nerve to cross the road. I don’t think it will happen …he’s too chicken!

  2. lizzie says:

    He is going to high tail it out of TOWN! Today I helped a friend dispatch a 30 pound turkey, the bird was so large it broke the line, and we blew a breaker while running the plucking machine, we called it our Lucy and Ethel episode! oh and the water took for ever to heat up, so a plucking we went! but I now know how to do these things, if I ever had tooooooooooooo?

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