Chickens in the Road in Antique Weekly


Chickens in the Road was featured in an article (by Robert Kyle) about outhouses in the August 3, 2009 issue of Antique Weekly! (The article is not available online, to my knowledge.)

See all my outhouse stories here.


  1. CindyP says:

    Oh, it is online!! You must subscribe for a 4 week free subscription, but it doesn’t ask for any billing information…..

    If you go into archives, this article is in the EASTERN paper!

    How cool…… be featured for your potty addiction! 😆

  2. Suzanne McMinn says:

    Cindy, thank you! I had no idea–I knew they had a website, but I didn’t think the article was available without paying for a subscription.

  3. Heidi533 says:

    How cool. I think of you every time I see an outhouse somewhere.

  4. Bev says:

    Congrats…you are all over the place lately!

  5. Shelly says:

    I really like your interests/hobbies from canning (which I have been wanting to learn)to the outhouses, there is a lot of history there in the hills and a beautiful area. I love exploring the woods too. My father grew up in Vermont on a farm, but I have never been back East.My grandmother had 12 kids and canned and baked all the time. They ran a small dairy farm and lost it all in the depression then moved to another small dairy farm and had to give the owners half of everything they made as rent. Then the war started and my dad and some of his brothers Joined the Navy and moved away. My father was glad to get away but as he got older he would visit Vermont Every year with my mother from here in California. Anyway, outhouses are historic and cool.

  6. .Nancy in Iowa says:

    YOu keep becoming more and more famous! I can’t wait to check out that website and read the entire article… :cowsleep:

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