Christmas Cuties


Tree’s up! (Pictured–my tree putter-uppers.)

I feel as if Christmas is really sneaking up on me this year because I’ve been so busy tying up the final loose ends on the book. However! No need to go to too much trouble since the world is ending on December 21, anyway!


  1. BuckeyeGirl says:

    Haha! I KNOW yeah? It’s just so funny. I’m planning a party for the 22nd! I’m also tickled over the people who are giving away their possessions and stuff before then… I mean, if they truly believe the world is ending won’t all their “things” get destroyed (or whatever) no matter who owns them? :shimmy:

  2. STH says:

    I’m available to help relieve people of their stuff before the apocalypse.

    Just sayin’.

  3. bonita says:

    Awww they’re cute. Still concerns about age diff, or is he wearing you down with his helpfulness?

  4. yvonnem says:

    They are so cute together and look so happy! He LOOKS Morgan’s age, instead of 22. (Hope that doesn’t offend him, I guess it’s more of a compliment when your older…like 42!)

  5. joykenn says:

    Well, just in case any of you are planning on giving away your stuff, I’d like any rubies or emeralds or even that nasty stuff called cash. Just sayin’. I mean I’d be happy to take it off your hands so you could face the Mayan turn of the calendar with a easy heart. ..grin..

    On the other hand, I swear your female tree-putter-upper gets more grown up and prettier each day. Could she possibly have changed this much just since the CITR retreat? They grow up so FAST.

  6. lifeisgood/ Melinda says:

    Morgan and her boyfriend make one cute couple!

  7. Justquilting says:

    I have three teenagers too…I’m with you Suzanne….in more way than you know lol.. My oldest is spending the holidays with her boyfriend in Germany!

  8. cabynfevr says:

    So happy you have a tree this year!! They do make a cute couple :heart:

  9. Miss Judy says:

    You know Suzanne you could make a dream come true for me…I always wanted to own a farm. Since the world is ending anyway why don’t you sign over your place to me. I would be happy with ownership for one day. Turn it over to me on the 20th…yes, the 20th would be fine.
    BTW those “tree puter uppers” look awfully happy for the end of the world to be so near.

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