Closing In


My chickens are getting a little pushy lately. Starting to creep up the porch steps. A step higher, then another step. Soon they’ll be knocking on the door!


  1. CindyP says:

    I’m sure the cat will just let them in! 😆

  2. Tracey In Paradise Pa. says:

    :woof: to cute…chickens in for tea!!

  3. monica says:

    They want you to find the eggs and not leave them in the woods any more. They are trying to do you a favor! :snoopy:

  4. Chic says:

    Oh my… chickens have already closed in on our farmhouse porch. We’ve got 9 chickens and one big beautiful Australorp rooster who take over the porch in the afternoon. You can look out there and there will be all 10 of them resting along with 2 shih tzu’s and our new Akbash puppy…all flaked out on the porch! Sounds great…looks great….except for the present the chickens leave behind!!!!! Gotta love your chickens.

  5. Carol Langille says:

    Invite them in to tea!!! You could provide little bonnets for them and serve Cracked Corn Tea and Fresh Laying Mash Crumpets! I can hear it now….fat little hens all singing and clucking softly to each other while they enjoy what you have provided. (Did you know hens ‘sing’, Suzanne?….that’s that soft little cross between a drawn out cluck and a coo. My sister always said hens sing when they are happy. I bet yours sing a lot!)
    Let me know how the tea party turns out!
    Carol in Dallas

  6. jan 'n' tn says:

    As long as you don’t try to get out with Mean Rooster on the other side of the door, or worse yet…the cat let HIM IN!

  7. mb. says:

    We had one who sat for hours on the window sill looking in at my husband working on his laptop. She would occasionally lose her balance (for no obvious reason), fall squawking into shrub underneath & then slowly make her way back to the sill (she could only mange short fly-hops). When he had students meet him at the house they would look out & say “what kind of bird is that?” I guess your average physics grad student has never see a live chicken.

  8. .Nancy in Iowa says:

    Too funny! Chickens on the porch. Well, why not? You had a sheep who thought she was a dog…..and the other posters are right: the cat will let them in.

  9. margiesbooboo says:

    Teach those birds to lay their eggs in a little basket beside the door before they knock!

    ps i’ve bought a house in Beckley, waiting on the closing date! i’m being gifted with a floor loom, taking lessons now on fibres and weaving. hope to have turkey in Beckley this year.

  10. trish says:

    When they knock on the door, answer it with your frying pan in hand. They will vamoose immediately.

  11. KentuckyFarmGirl says:

    I was on the phone earlier and left the door open to go get the broom to sweep the deck, came back and there was a hen in the den!

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