Coco Update


Today was a school holiday, so I took Morgan with me to visit Coco. It’s been a week since Coco went to the vet. We had a good long visit with her while we waited to see the doctor. They took her bandage off so I could see her progress. They said they thought she was doing good, but she has a long way to go. She still has a big open wound that is kind of shocking to look at, and I don’t like to look at it too much! Until she gets to where her wound doesn’t need as much attention and rebandaging, and the concern about infection diminishes, they want her to stay.

Coco, enjoying a good head scratching.

At this point, it’s impossible for them to predict Coco’s level of eventual recovery. She might regain use of the injured leg one hundred percent. Or she might have a limp. Or she might have very little use of the leg at all. They do believe she has some tendon damage, but it will be months before we know to what degree that is and how much her leg will recover from the standpoint of functionality. Luckily, the bulk of a livestock guardian’s job entails sitting, staring, and woofing or growling–warding off predators–and she will always have that satisfaction. Overall, she’s very healthy and strong, so we will work with whatever she is able to do–and be happy just to have her! She’s a real favorite at the animal hospital because she’s such a big, gentle sweetie and cooperates with whatever they need to do with her.

The hardest part is always leaving. She knows when they are there to get her and she tries to come with us. (::sob::) I don’t like the leaving part. She will need to stay longer, though. I’ll keep you updated.


  1. Darlene in North GA says:

    I know this is so tough for all of you. I’m glad she’s making progress. Here’s praying that she will recover quickly and completely. And that she’ll get to come home soon.
    Hang in there, Ladies. This too, shall pass. :hug:

  2. GA_in_GA says:

    Glad she is coming along. Always so sad to have to leave them at the vet’s.

  3. liz2 says:

    Thank you for your update on beautiful Coco. I think of her every day when I read your blog & hope for the best possible outcome. So glad that she is healthy & strong except for her wound. Be comforted by knowing that she’s safe, is getting the care she needs & is loved by the hospital staff.

  4. Karen H says:

    Glad to hear she is getting better. It makes me sad to think about how you must feel when you have to leave.

  5. NancyL says:

    I’m so glad you and Morgan both could visit Coco, and I’m sure Coco was delighted, too. I choked up when you said she wanted to go home with you – I know how hard it was to leave her.

  6. whaledancer says:

    It must be like breaking your heart each time. <> Don’t you wish you could explain it all to her? It’s good to know that Coco is being well cared-for and her overall health is good. It sure will be nice when she can come home. I’ll bet a gimpy leg wouldn’t slow her down at all.

  7. ingrid66 says:

    I can imagine how sad it is to leave her after visiting. But take heart that she is well otherwise. I hope she’ll continue to improve and be back home with you before too long. Hard to wait, though :happyfeet: .

  8. sheepsclothing says:

    So glad she’s back and on the mend. What a relief. must have been heartwrenching while she was missing.

  9. zshawn says:

    good luck Coco. hope they are bringing you a treat or two! cookies aren’t just for goats!

  10. KellyWalkerStudios says:

    I am so glad that you both got to go visit Coco. And thanks for keeping us updated. I am constantly clicking on your website to see if you have posted anything about her. I am hoping she has a full recovery. She is so beautiful and loves you all so. I know she will want to go back to work just as before taking care of her “flock”. Love to you all.

  11. yvonnem says:

    :heart: to Coco, Suzanne and Morgan…I know this has been so hard on you, and it’s been hard on me too, as well as so many others who love this place and care so much about you, your family and all of the animals!

  12. Rose H says:

    I can understand how hard it must be to leave Coco, but thank goodness she came home and is getting the best care. I hope her recovery will be speedy and complete, she is such a dear soul.
    Hopefully she’ll be back with you soon. :yes:
    Rose H

  13. brendaE says:

    Oh that just breaks my heart and i’m sure your’s as well but I just pray she will heal very fast and get home soon. I’m sure she misses her people and her home.

  14. woolylamb says:

    Such a sweetheart…

  15. gardnerh says:

    Coco looks like she’s pretty happy in those photos. I sure hope she’s ready to come home very soon. She can take on that very important flock guardian job of laying in front of the doorways to check on the comings and goings of the “people flock”.

  16. bonita says:

    open wounds are the scariest! Hoping for a soon-to-end vet stay/. Glad Morgan got to go with.

  17. Diane says:

    I love seeing Coco’s sweet face. 🙂

  18. Yendor Nella says:

    I had a Yorkie that jumped from a second story window to follow me once . She landed on her knee and sheared off her hip (when I got to her her hip was up on her back) The Vet shaved off the hip ball because the break was so bad. Afterwards she could walk and run but if I yelled at her for going into the road she would raise that leg and limp back to me. She lived for another 5 years after that and never forgot how to play for sympathy. I miss my little girl.

  19. Ms.Becky says:

    thanks for the update and photos. she’s such a cutie. I’m very very happy that she’s in such good hands. :airkiss:

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