Cold Cows


The cows keep looking at me today like they want to go to the barn. I’m going to be moving them at the end of the week to keep them up close around the barn during the two-week buck season that starts next Monday, but I’m not ready to move them yet. They have hay and shelter in the field, so they’re all right even if they are complaining.

I’m also starting to think that Glory Bee is bred! She was artificially inseminated with Black Angus at the end of July. If she’s bred, she’s three and a half months along. I hope she is, that she’s starting to show, not just putting on weight! I’ll have her preg checked soon. I still need to get Dumplin AI’d. With so many workshops going on here, I haven’t had a chance to get that scheduled yet, so I’ll do it at the same time I get Glory Bee checked. As you can see, we have snow today!


  1. Starfish says:

    Before we all get too busy, just wanted to make sure and wish you and your family Suzanne, a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas Season. May health and happiness abound.

  2. cinderbama says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Suzanne! Your little bovine herd is so beautiful. I am really impressed with the depth of color in Dumplin’s red coat. She’s turned into a really gorgeous cow.

  3. jan n tn says:

    Where O where has our Suz///anne gone? :happyfeet:
    Where O where can she be? :shimmy:
    With her ears cut short,and her hair cut long… :happypuppy:
    Where O where can she be? 😥
    Happy Holidays To ALL

  4. yvonnem says:

    I’m with Jan – where are you Suzanne? Sure miss you. 😥

    Happy Thanksgiving. :hungry:

  5. cardiffcheryl says:

    I am joining the chorus….where o where is Suzanne? I hope the wild turkeys did not revolt and get her! :shimmy:

  6. Diane says:

    Cant stand it anymore! I miss you Suzzane where are you. Hope everyone is Ok.

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