Cold Ride


It was pretty chilly today, but I wanted to ride. Zip kept moving backward when Morgan was trying to mount. By the time she got on, she was flustered and uncomfortable, and Zip was frisky.

She decided she didn’t feel comfortable to go, so she dismounted and worked Zip for a bit. (That’s her, a speck, and you can barely see Zip in the circled area.)

I took off with Shortcake on my own.

Here, you can see how we ride around the back of the barn on one of the access roads. Just past the white barn yard fencing is where we go up to the lowest of the tracks that switch back and forth up the ridge. I need to do a little bit of trimming on these trails, and in general, the trails just need used, so it will feel like a good “chore” to take the horses up there to keep the trails stomped down. Today was my first day to take Shortcake so far out the trail on my own. I felt a little nervous because I could see how Shortcake was distracted by Zip down in the barn yard as we passed by. She wanted Zip to come with us–or she wanted to go back there with Zip. I persevered through the nervousness until we got out of sight of Zip, and we had a good time, even in the cold. I’m such a new rider, every ride still feels like a triumph–I did that!

I am so lucky to have this amazing little horse.


  1. brookdale says:

    You’re right, you are very lucky to have that beautiful little horse! How I would love to see her and pat her gorgeous nose.
    Has Morgan ridden Shortcake at all?

  2. Almost Heaven, WV says:

    Something about the cold weather that sometimes makes them frisky. My gelding is the same way….I have to work him a little sometimes just to get him settled. Other times, he is just fine….lol Strange animals those horses….lol…but I love them.

  3. kbryan says:

    You have a pair of fine equines! And there is nothing better you can do than to ride and exercise them regularly. Nothing wrong with working a little energy off of Zip before mounting, sometimes frisky ponies need to be reminded who is boss though. Cold weather makes me frisky too! Love your horse related posts (and all the other ones too!).

  4. Jane L says:

    I LOVE that you love riding!

  5. lesliedgray says:

    Good for you! You are well on your way to becoming independent!… I’m glad you found Shortcake (and that she found you!) I foresee many happy rides together!
    (BTW, I made your apple dumplings for Thanksgiving.. everyone raved over them!)

  6. AspenFlower says:

    I love horses! They are SO ADORABLE. Much love to ya!

  7. jodiezoeller says:

    Can I say Yeah again? So cool that you and Shortcake are becoming a team.

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