Come for a Hay Ride at Sassafras Farm!


That’s right, this year we’ll have hay rides at the Party on the Farm and you, too, can be riding high. I have a “new” old wagon, an auction find courtesy of my long-suffering cousin, and we will be putting it to good use at the party hitched to my tractor and pulled across the fields–with you onboard! Well, if you can shove ME off first….

Registration for the FIFTH (!) annual Party on the Farm is open! The Party on the Farm 2012 will take place at Sassafras Farm in Roane County, WV, on Sunday, September 16, from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. This is a free event, but registration is required so that we have an accurate head count for food.

What is the Party on the Farm? A great, big, fun event on the farm with food, more food, and crafty and farmy demonstrations, plus the petting zoo, of course. Like last year, the Party on the Farm bookends the CITR Retreat.

The party is a potluck event, but I will be providing the main dish as a number of attendees will also be CITR Retreat attendees who are unable to bring a dish (and thus excused). I will ask those of you who are not retreat attendees to bring an appetizer, side, or dessert. (The form provides a chance to mark your preferences on what to bring.) The Party on the Farm on the heels of the retreat is a bonus for retreat attendees–if you want to roll it all in together, check out the CITR Retreat 2012 page–we have a few spots still open.

Party on the Farm registration is for the party ONLY. Retreat attendees must also register if they plan to attend the party. (Heads up, retreat attendees!) Final details and information will only be sent to registered party attendees.

We have a number of demonstrations in the works, and you are welcome to provide a demonstration if you’re interested! See the Party on the Farm registration form for more details. If you have a crafty or farmy skill to share, please do!

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Registration is open! Click here to sign up to attend.

We can’t wait to see you!

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