Coming In the Gazette Metro


Charleston Gazette Metro Section writer Bob Saunders, on the left, with a Gazette photographer (unfortunately, my brain has lost his name), visiting the farm last week to do a piece on me and the farm, workshops, etc, which will appear in the Gazette Metro’s special Travel & Tourism edition later this month. It was snowing the day they were here, taking pictures and video–of me, freezing, as I walked them around the farm to see the cows and goats and chickens. The video will, of course, only appear in the online version, not the print version. Because, like, that would be impossible in the print version. THANK GOD. The wind was so cold, it was making my eyes water and my nose run and I’m sure I looked fantastic, NOT. But anyway! Thank you to the Gazette! I appreciate the coverage.


  1. Louise says:

    That is exciting news. Good to hear from you too.


  2. ticka1 says:

    Hope you get qlot of publicity and business from it? Yall finally had snow???

  3. mtnmedx says:

    Oh yes!!! More business~ more business!
    So good to hear from you! How are all your sweet animals?

  4. yvonnem says:

    Suzanne, Please post a link to this when available. I can’t find the Gazette Metro!

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