Coming Down


With the rains the last couple days, I’ve had two power outages this weekend. Now we’ve got snow coming down this morning.
I’ve got the generator charged and I’m ready.


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  1. MMHoney says:

    BUSSS – Does anyone have a shovel –sorry about that – I mean a dog shed????????

  2. MMHoney says:


  3. Pete says:

    A very similar view from my porch. Very pretty, but a little bit brrrrrrrr.

  4. yvonnem says:

    It’s already switched to rain here. At least we had a day of no rain to let the rivers recover a bit. The Coal was at 23 feet here in Tornado yesterday and backwater had covered several roads, but has now dropped back to 13.

  5. holstein woman says:

    We had snow 2 days ago and the temp has dropped to 21 and last night it dropped further, it was 21 by the time I went to bed at 9pm. Absolutely beautiful photo.

  6. California Paintbrush says:

    Get ready for the ice storm! Here in SF Bay Area, CA we are thinking of you in the East Coast, and we are having our own little cold snap……. OK, so we are wimps, but you don’t want those grapes to freeze, do you! :bugeyed:

  7. JudyT says:

    What a nice scene, I’m so glad you are prepared.

  8. WildTrails says:

    Beautiful! Enjoy! Merry Christmas!!

  9. lattelady says:

    3 degrees in the eastern part of WA state. Windchill of -12. Just a skiff of snow.
    Dog gets bundled up when she goes outside, and she stays home when I need to get out. She does not like that, used to traveling with me.
    This is just the onset of winter. Real snow due tonight and for a few days. I am a ‘survivalist’, so have a good stockpile of foods and emergency items in case the power goes out. So, in that respect at least, I can relate.
    So glad I do not have to get out to milk the cow and feed the livestock. I sincerely admire your lifestyle. You seized the opportunity and are enjoying your life. Atta girl.

  10. margiesbooboo says:

    Ok here’s the plan. We gotta build you a covered bridge to the barn. Something that won’t get wet when the creek floods. And some solar panels! Stay warm! Looking forward to my calendar:)

  11. ticka1 says:

    suzanne can i use your picture above as my screensaver on my pc? beautiful hope you keep your power.

  12. Southern Belle says:

    Snow is beautiful to look at, but it creates such hardships. Where I live in Georgia , when it snows, everything shuts down because most of us do not know how to drive in it. So, I pray that it stays away. Thank you for the pics of your wonderful farm!! :snowman: :snowman:

  13. Joell says:

    Snow is falling here and it is beautiful, we are supposed to have freezing rain later tihs afternoon and a combo fo freezing rain and snow after midnight, luckily we dont have to go out and the salt trucks and plows are doing a good job .

  14. whaledancer says:

    So pretty. Looks like good weather for baking.

  15. dawnraeb says:

    Power outages are annoying. But wow, that’a nice photo!

  16. bonita says:

    Maybe I’m a bit dense. . I understand power outages in snow and in ice bit I don’t understand power outages b/c of rain. Must be a southern (?) mountain (?) thing. Great pix, tho. Glad you’ve mastered the generator. It’s as if it were January here, pretty snow* and unseasonably cold. * pretty ’cause it just fell, by tomorrow it will be ugly grey

  17. hawkswench says:

    Bonita usually power failures due to rain are because water has gotten into the electrical circuits and blown them. Of course lightening strikes cause the major outages. Suzanne is there any ways you can build either a hoop tunnel or create a snowfence tunnel from the house to the barn?

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