Count Down with Me


Counting down the final hours! Please hang in with me in these last hours on my Kickstarter project. My project is not officially funded until 11:37 a.m. tomorrow (Saturday, March 3). There was another pledge cancellation this week, which makes me very nervous. The project isn’t truly funded until it’s funded. Thank you so much for your support!

In other news, I’m very disappointed. I was waiting for the animal hospital to call me to let me know that Coco’s bandage change had been done for today before I left to get her. Instead, they called and told me that her wound is still healing very well and the swelling has gone down in her leg, too–but. With the swelling down, they are now seeing more laxity in her leg than they expected. They want to splint it, and they won’t let animals go home with a splint. She will have to have the splint for anywhere from two to four weeks. I could take her home today, but then they won’t splint her and they feel strongly she needs the splint for the best recovery and eventual function.

FYI–just want you to know they aren’t charging me anything extra for it. When they admit an animal into the hospital there, they give you the price and if the animal stays in the hospital for two times, or three times, or four times, or so on, longer than they originally estimated, they don’t charge any more, ever. At this point, she’s already been there just shy of the original estimate, so every day longer they keep her, they’re keeping her for free. (This must be why animal hospitals inside humane associations don’t make any money.) Anyway, just wanted to explain that. I believe this is truly what they believe is best for her. There’s no extra money in it for them to keep her another two to four weeks. (The time will depend on how her leg responds to the splint, how quickly she starts functioning better with her use of the leg.)

As much as I want to take her home, I want to do what is best for her, too. I’m just really disappointed because I was so excited about bringing her home today.

And crossing my fingers it doesn’t rain so much here this weekend that I can’t get the cows moved! We are having terrible weather.


  1. Darlene in North GA says:

    I’m sorry. I know how disappointing it is to not have things go as planned.

    Hopefully, once the swelling is all the way down, she’ll start using the leg and it will be strengthened enough to not need the splint so long.

    Here’s hoping the Kickstart goes as planned and that there are no more cancellations.

  2. Julia says:

    I’m so sorry you have to leave her there. But you are definitely doing the right thing. Just keep visiting and bringing us pictures.

    The kickstarter thing on the side bar still shows you at 111% Is that still accurate?

  3. Sheila Z says:

    I sure hope Coco gets the use of her leg back. A gimpy leg is harder for a big dog. Glad you have the gang all home to distract you from the setback on Coco’s return home.

  4. bonita says:

    Oh! how disappointed you must be about Coco. But, she is more than a pet…she has a job to do. Thank goodness for a vet who understands about the working value of farm animals. Portia and I will be keeping Coco in our prayers…Portia esp, She knows what its like to have a back leg splinted because of a car accident. 100% recovery is possible, just takes time.

  5. cindyinohio says:

    I kept checking back all day for the ‘Coco is Home’ title. I too am sorry she is not home today but we all want the best for you all.

    No worries about your project funding – you got this!

  6. VikingMiss says:

    I’m sorry about Coco. I know it is disappointing. I am surprised, because it seems like around here, the leg will either be cast or splint, and sent home asap. It’s good they are being careful though. And… I have never seen so much pee from a dog before! LOL!

  7. Miss Judy says:

    So sorry for you and Coco.

  8. rurification says:

    I’m biting my nails with you over the Kickstarter countdown, though I’m sure you’re in the clear. Fingers crossed here in Indiana!

  9. whaledancer says:

    😥 😥 Poor Coco. I hope the splint works quickly so you can bring her home. But it sounds like she’s getting very good care.

  10. GrammieEarth says:

    Aww poor Coco and her humans! She has been gone from home too long already. Glad to hear they are not charging ‘an arm and a leg’ to get her better.

    Kickstarter….I’m holding my breath and sending good vibes for you to be funded. If I didn’t have to work tomorrow morning I would be here watching the ticker!!! I hope to come home to see FUNDED!!!

    🙂 Pam

  11. BuckeyeGirl says:

    Coco has the best of care and the best of family taking care of her. It’s so hard to leave her there, but it’s the best for her. Good luck with getting the girls to SarahGrace’s house to visit their bovine cousins! :cowsleep:

  12. Auntie Linda says:

    Oh, so disappointing for you all. At least all the kids are home this weekend to help cushion the blow. Keeping my fingers crossed for Kickstarter, too. I’ll be checking in tomorrow to confirm, but I’m sure it will be fine. You have a great product and lots of enthusiasm, which what it takes. After all, look at everything else you’ve succeeded at over the years!

  13. yvonnem says:

    The weather should be ok tomorrow for moving the cows….I’m worried about this evening. Tornado watch….I get so scared when we have such warnings (I live in a double-wide in TORNADO, WV!)

    I’m so glad Coco is getting such good care at the shelter and that it won’t cost you more.

    Be safe this evening!

  14. outbackfarm says:

    I am so excited for you! I have been watching this the whole time and it seems every day it gets bigger. I was finally able to contribute a little bit myself and it feels good. I wish it could have been more. But I am going to be doing something a little like yours so I’ll need all I can get too. Although I won’t be able to afford to get mine done as nice as yours, I’ll still do what I can. It won’t be commercial because that would cost a fortune plus inspectors and all kinds of craziness. Georgia laws are crazy. I am going to get lisenced to sell goat milk for pet consumption though!!! That’s pretty much free. So I am on my way.

    We’re having tornadoes and crazy weather here today. Stay safe. And you ARE going to make it!! And I am so sorry you couldn’t get Coco yet. I sure hope they let her go outside. I’d sure hate to have to clean all that river of pee several times a day. Wow!

  15. crzycoop says:

    I’m prayin for you, I think you need a break! Hope your kick starter project is a go and Coco get to come home soon!!! Have fun with your family this weekend!

  16. Ann W says:

    I am very worried, I hope you are all OK. The weather map showed nasty storms moving right over your area.

  17. wildcat says:

    Awww, I am so sorry to hear that Coco didn’t get to come home today! But you’re doing the right thing, getting her leg splinted. She will be better off in the long run.

    But isn’t she going stir crazy, being all cooped up indoors for so long? Do they have to give her meds to keep her calm? I know if I was in the hospital for several weeks, I’d be losing my mind. :yes:

    • Suzanne McMinn says:

      wildcat, they have her in a run during the day, and change her run periodically. She’s on limited activity.

      Ann, we are okay right now. I have the tub filled and buckets of water everywhere and candles and flashlights at the ready. Scary weather here tonight, but so far, so good.

  18. CarrieJ says:

    That sucks about Coco. It would kill me. But, the kickstarter project is going to go through. No worries on that, I can feel it. And I WON’T back out on it!

  19. liz2 says:

    Thinking of you, your loved ones & all others who have been impacted by the destructive weather yesterday & today. I hope all are safe. Glad all of your children are with you this weekend. Thank you for letting us know the details about Coco’s treatment. Wishing the best for her. I’m tracking your Kickstarter project with you.

  20. Jan Hodges says:

    That sounds like an amazing vet. I am so glad she is there and not somewhere else. It’s too bad it will take longer, but great that they are so amazing. By the time she’s ready to come home they will all love her very much.

    I bet lots of us will be watching Kickstarter tomorrow morning. It looks to me like you have enough buffer. Hope so. I hope you get all the money even though it is more than your estimate. I forgot how that works, I’m sure you have talked about it.

    I’ve been watching the weather this week with a lot of trepidation. We have gotten horrible winds (I’m in New Mexico) and then each time that weather has moved east and battered the middle of the country. It has made us here think twice about complaining too much. But the wind was the same horrible way today that it was yesterday, except colder. I hope there isn’t another day of horror coming for the middle of the country. And thinking about you there, I hope it will pass without damage.

  21. JerseyMom says:

    NOOOOOOOOO! I’m so sorry that Coco wasn’t able to come home after all. It’s best to leave her there, I know, but so hard all the same. Thank goodness they don’t charge by the day like most vets!! Hope you dodge the storms. I’ve been thinking about you today as the reports have rolled through. We had a little dose of hurricane/tornado last year and it was certainly not fun. I lived the first dozen years of my life in tornado alley and have limited recollection of those times but I do remember a few things and none of it is fun! Once you’ve filled the bathtub and gathered the candles, etc….. Praying for all in harms way tonight.

  22. Esor says:

    I am so excited for you! I am thrilled I could help in a small way!

    Coco will be home soon, I just know it. I’m so glad the vet is being cautious. Hang in there Suzanne!

  23. lifeisgood/ Melinda says:

    I hope the weather plays nice and you and your family and extended family remain safe and out of harms way. Here in Louisiana we have a lot of tornadoes this time of year and it is always nerve wracking when they say bad weather is headed our way. Fortunately, we have always been lucky.
    Coco sounds like she is in the hands of some very caring people at the vets. I know it’s hard on you but she will really be better for having the splints.
    As for kickstarter, I just know your studio is meant to be and all will go well tomorrow and you will be funded. I can hardly wait to see the construction posts!
    Stay safe!

  24. quinn says:

    It’s great that the vet’s office is recommending what’s best for Coco. And I can’t believe they don’t charge more for additional services…or at the very least, the cost of food and board! You are SO LUCKY!!!

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