Down for the Count


As Glory Bee’s long winter’s stay in the barn yard begins, I realize that by the time she leaves, she will be leaving with a new calf. The earliest her calf is expected is late February, but most likely sometime in March. By then, Dumplin will be moved–perhaps simply to the goat yard or the field with the horses, I’m not sure. She will have to be separated from Glory Bee by sometime in January, and I’m not sure if my neighbor will have his field ready and fenced by then or if I will keep her a while longer.

It will be interesting when I take Dumplin away. I’m pretty sure nobody’s gonna like it.

And I can’t WAIT for the new calf. With Dumplin, I couldn’t get there fast enough. Glory Bee had just given birth by the time I arrived. I’ll try again to see the birth this time. Will it be a boy? A girl? I’m already excited and it’s still at least two months away.

I think Glory Bee is excited, too. She just doesn’t show it.


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  1. Bluewater says:

    Make sure you Dry Glory Bee off for Two to Three months, Before she calfs.

  2. Cousin Mark says:

    Why not have a calf birthday calendar contest to pick the day that the new calf sees the light of day????? Prize of naming calf from a list of submitted names???

  3. TammyE1965 says:

    I’m excited too!!!

  4. shirley T says:

    I hope she does good.

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