Crazy Quesadilla Attack


Morgan doesn’t “like” to cook, or so she says, but she does love to make quesadillas. Weston came home this weekend, so in advance of his homecoming, Morgan went on a quesadilla tear. She made more quesadillas than I’ve ever seen in my life.

I wasn’t home at the time, and when I got home with Weston (and girlfriend), Morgan proudly presented her chicken quesadillas, talking a mile a minute about her ORDEAL making so many quesadillas, keeping everything straight for the different tastes. (Onions with mine, but not hers, and vegan quesadillas for Mariah.) And THEN, Weston, who has previously been a “vegetarian” who would still eat chicken, announced that he was no longer eating chicken. (He’s a real vegetarian now.) Which meant she had made far too many chicken quesadillas, but luckily she had made a good number of vegan quesadillas, so there was still that.

Now if I can just get her to cook something else…….

Meanwhile, just want to mention that this is going to be an extraordinarily hectic week here, especially the second half of the week, so if I’m scarce later this week, that’s why. Wednesday is the all-day agritourism workshop in Morgantown that I’m going to with my cousin. I will be gone from 5 a.m. until late that evening. (Animals will get fed and watered VERY early!) Friday, Ross is coming in for a four-day weekend. Saturday, we’ll be moving the cows to SarahGrace’s farm.

I’ll have reports on everything as soon as I can!


  1. Rainn says:

    Wow an exciting and busy week!! Have fun and have good luck where needed(4 legged ladies of the moo persuasion)!! Smiles and positive thoughts-and left over quesadillas!!

  2. Hengal says:

    Have a great week Suzanne. Will be very excited to hear all about the Agritourism workshop!

  3. Barbee says:

    Now if that isn’t the cutest thing! Love the purple post-it notes keeping everything organized. They all look yummy to me. When I was her age all I could make was cold slaw and spaghetti. Oh, and iced tea. The slaw and tea because I liked them so much, and the spaghetti because my mother never made it, and I had discovered it (eaten some) when on a trip away from home. Decided if I were to ever have it again, I would have to cook it myself.

  4. Dottie says:

    Sounds like a busy fun/work filled week.

    Enjoy your family.

    We’ll all be right here waiting to
    hear all about it.

    Can’t wait to see the post about getting
    those GIRLS to Sarah Grace’s farm and
    the bull.

  5. whaledancer says:

    That’s a lot of quesadillas! How nice of Morgan to take care of that.

    At that age my specialties were cinnamon toast and meatloaf. I learned on the job after I got married. I wouldn’t worry about Morgan’s interest –or lack thereof– in cooking. You’ve already taught her the most important concepts: what good food tastes like, and that good food comes from a home kitchen. When the time comes that she’s away from home and wants some good food, she’ll figure out the how-to. And she’ll have you to consult when things go wrong. She might even discover she enjoys it.

  6. Blessings says:

    This post made me hungry!! lol

  7. oct4luv says:

    Quesadillas are my favorite! That is a cool quesadilla maker, I like the imprints it leaves on the tortillas. :hungry:

  8. FreedomValleyFarm says:

    Love that quesadilla maker. Where did you find it?

  9. Diane says:

    I might have to get one of those if it can make a teen cook dinner without being told to! She is a good girl for making everyone what they want too. 🙂 Have a good couple of days and you have all your kids home too for a few days!!!

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