Crooked Little Nester


The Crooked Little Hen has been keeping her nest in the same spot, and I’ve left her alone with it. She’s still been strutting up to the porch, so I’m not sure she’s been all that dedicated up to now. But the last few days, she’s been more devoted than usual, not coming up to the porch, and on her nest every time I check.

I’ve got another hen on a nest fulltime, too. This little red hen called her Congresshen and now she’s sitting undisturbed high atop the hay.

Will the babies come tumbling down?

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  1. Sheryl - (Runningtrails) says:

    Oh dear! I hope those babies are ok up there! I hope you get lots of babies with those mama hens! Baby chicks are so cute!

  2. WKF says:

    Hey- Baby chickens get stuck between hay bales. Ask me how I know. Very Traumatic. Also Mommas will some times abandon the eggs to save the one stuck. Check her eggs after she gets down, I had an egg peep at me that I was getting ready to pitch, and had to do an emergency hatching. (This was after 24 hours.) Love love love the peepers!!!

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