Cute Little Bridge


This cute little bridge is in progress going across the creek between the house and the barnyard and goat yard. I thought it would be cute, but also we short-cut from the house across the creek all the time (to feed cookies to the goats) and it will be handy. I’ll post another pic when it’s finished, though it won’t be stained for awhile yet–it will be stained at the same time the deck is stained, when the deck is fully completed, which won’t be until late winter or early spring. (Not a high priority project at the moment.) The little bridge is being made out of leftover materials from other projects!


  1. fowlers says:

    I’m thinking::::how cute this will be!! Hey!!! Can I donate some “Blue Japanese Wisteria Vine” I have tonnage!! Would love to send you some if you would like it to climb up the polls?? Just let me know! It’s a gorgeous plant once it takes root and is pruned back.

  2. rurification says:

    Way cute!! We have a little bridge and it makes it so much easier to back and forth to the hives.

  3. Britishtea says:

    I have a little bridge exactly like that, minus the handrails. It’s a nasty mess because grass grows up between the planks. I will keep watching your progress on this to see how you manage with yours. The man who mows for me tries to get under it with a weed whacker and is partially successful. Translate that to read he can’t reach everywhere and there is always grass growing up through the bridge.

  4. contentedcat says:

    One question…
    Did the chicken inspector pass the workmanship?

  5. holstein woman says:

    Ok Suzanne, now you can find me a creek and have one built for me. I think it is just right for your HUGE waterway.

    It will be beautiful, I’m sure! I like it!!!

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