Daffodils in February


I’ve been really looking forward to spring on Sassafras Farm. My first spring on the new farm! I don’t even know what all is growing around here! I can’t wait to see the flowers.


I have daffodils trying to bloom in February, tricked by the strange mildness of the season. Daffodils bloom in Texas in February. Daffodils don’t bloom in West Virginia in February. Winter is going to rear her frosty, bitter head and bite the blooms off.

Unless it continues to be oddly warm and Winter has truly given up the show this year.

But I’m a little leery. It’s only the first week of February. And Winter is a cruel season.

Do you have daffodils blooming where you are? And are they supposed to be?


  1. mammaleigh says:

    We have had them for about a week or 2 now…freaky! No they should not be growing in North Ga in February! This time last year we had snow, not much but any to us is a lot!

  2. wsmoak says:

    The daffodils are already blooming in middle-west Georgia. So are the pink magnolia trees. My tulips are even up, but no blooms yet. I, too, worry that we’re going to see a hard freeze that kills all this new growth. The flowers I don’t mind losing, but I don’t want to lose this summer’s peaches and blueberries!

  3. JoJo says:

    I noticed ours are up about 4 inches, but today I also noticed the roses are getting small shoots-NOT GOOD!!

  4. motherbear57 says:

    I am way far North, actually close to mile 0 of the Alaska Highway in Northern Alberta. I was outside yesterday enjoying some unseasonal sunshine, and listening to snow melt – noticed crocuses are up. It is very early for us, not normally enjoying any signs of spring until well after the middle of April. I for one am going to cover everything up with some thick mulch at first sign of normal temperatures!

  5. wildcat says:

    Daffodils blooming in Atlanta, about 6 weeks early! I am wondering… If this is winter, how hot will it be this summer?

  6. Leaves of the fall says:

    Ours are up as well, here in Indiana…. today’s weather is like a late spring day. Gorgeous.

  7. Taiyla says:

    The other day I saw some wild flowers that bloom in the SUMMER. I wait all year from them, so it was a bit of a shock to see them in full bloom. The other weird part is that they need water, and it is as dry as it can be.

  8. sallfarm says:

    Not yet here in South Dakota, and that’s a good thing! It’s certainly been warm enough to fool them, but I think they’d get there little heads nipped off soon. How exciting for you to explore new flower finds at your new place! Enjoy your spring (when it comes)!

  9. LisaAJB says:

    We went from 60 degrees on Monday and Thursday this week to 4 inches of snow yesterday. It snowed all day long reminding us that it really is still winter here. I hope winter leaves your flowers alone!

  10. kbryan says:

    Ha! I’m in Texas, and the daffodils bloomed in early January and are long gone…

  11. Yankee in NC says:

    Daffodils are up and in full bloom here in se nc.
    My verbena has had blossoms all winter and a few rudibekia have blooms but the stems are only about 4 inches high.
    I saw a white azalea with blossoms the other day and in the same yard the vinca had flowered.
    I have also seen some creeing phlox in bloom. I am afraid that by the time real spring arrives everything will have already put on its colorful show.

  12. prvrbs31gal says:

    I’m in the Hampton Roads area. Planted mine in October, they started popping through in December and they are also trying to bloom. But I’ve been told it’s not unusual to have them for Valentine’s Day here (it’s also our first spring in a new house!)

  13. BrownSheep says:

    Nothing has come up yet here in Idaho but it wouldn’t surprise me if they started to.

  14. Rah says:

    No daffodils in sight, but in the allergist’s waiting room the other day there were several people there being treated for their spring allergies that usually don’t bother them until April.

    You’re probably going to have many more hits on your blog, if everyone is like me, because I keep coming back to check the status for Kickstart. You are going to make it, kiddo, and the sisters (and brothers) out here are going to be celebrating with you! Yay!

  15. Karen H says:

    I am in Michigan. We never see Tulips until the last of April but we have tulips growing out of the ground about 4 inches high.

  16. lauren says:

    Yep we have them blooming in VA it will be so exciting seeing what beauties you have popping up this spring 🙂

  17. Jersey Lady says:

    Our bulbs are sending up shoots here in E IN. Just so odd for this time of the year.

  18. anne.smith says:

    If winter come, your flowers are far enough along to cut the stalks, wrap them in butcher paper and keep in the fridge. damp paper towel on the cut end. Take some out and put in a vase and enjoy. They last about a month for me before drying out.

  19. mamajoseph says:

    Saw daffodils blooming this week in Dallas. Also flowering quince. Lovely.

  20. ulli says:

    My spring bulbs have been up for several weeks–nothing blooming, but the leaves are at least 6 to 7 inches high. I’m in northern VA and it’s not uncommon for the bulbs to peek up during Feb, but this is unusual.

  21. outbackfarm says:

    I have been picking them for 2 weeks now here. I have them all over my house to brighten it up. I love them. I am ok with an early spring. I just wish we’d dry up. I am sick of MUD! I want some dry gorund out there. My poor sheep and goats are not happy with all this rain. But I suppose we need it. I am just enjoying these early beauties all I can right now.

  22. FujiQ says:

    If you’re worried about your new growth and have some extra mulch or compost (I’ve used a black plastic trash bag and some bricks before) you can cover the shoots. Just make sure to uncover it when possible because of fungus and mold and bacterial stuff. Unless there’s a *really* hard freeze I doubt it’ll totally kill your bulbs and roots.

  23. JerseyMom says:

    I’ll have to go check my daffs. I’ve seen shoots on the roses for several weeks and we’ve had dandelions blooming all “winter” or so it seems. The thing that worries me is that the horses are shedding like crazy. How will they keep warm if the real February shows up? Guess I’ll be buying them blankets…..

  24. countrygal says:

    Ours have been blooming a few weeks. Over the last few days our peach and plum trees have also bloomed. I live in central MS, but the blooms are early this year.

  25. GA_in_GA says:

    Daffodils are starting to bloom, but so are my azaleas! In SW Georgia, so the daffodils is not too unusual though still early. But the azaleas are much too early.

    Glad to see the numbers climbing on your Kickstart project! Yay!

  26. tinamanley says:

    Daffodils are blooming in South Carolina but even worse -peaches are blooming! I know a freeze is going to kill everything unless we have moved to a new zone and are now tropical! Maybe I can plant mangoes and avocados!!

  27. whaledancer says:

    Here in SoCal our dafs are in full bloom. We seem to have skipped winter altogether, and have had almost no rain. I’m afraid we’ll have water rationing this summer.

  28. gardnerh says:

    I haven’t seen any in the Willamette Valley of Oregon yet. I hope they hold off a while, my husband just sprayed the orchard this afternoon and we don’t want the fruit trees budding out too early – it seems to confuse the bees.https://chickensintheroad.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/chicken.gif

  29. wormlady says:

    Suzanne, I think you’ve experienced worse winters than average since you’ve been here & this one is warm. The leaves often start up long before the bulbs actually bloom, and I’ve often had buds also up long before blooming. They’re real good about being on hold. Even the flowers can survive some snow and frost.
    That said, it is a bit early. My SE corner crosuses bloomed late last week.
    Roane County, WV

  30. wormlady says:

    P.S. My flowering quince is blooming, but usually puts out a few blooms in Dec., then really blooms in March/April.

  31. Auntie Linda says:

    Here in northern CT, my daffs aren’t up yet, but my roses are putting out new leaves and shoots. They are on the warmer side of the house, in an area that gets full sun, so that may be a factor. I’m nervous about what the next couple of months will bring. I don’t want to be shoveling snow in May!

  32. Linda Goble says:

    Here in New York Last week I saw a few pussy willows blossom out. Forsythia has had some blossoms on as well. Today we are to hit 47 degrees in the middle of winter. So strange it is this year. But I kinda love not having the bitter cold here. :happyflower:

  33. mackenzie93 says:

    I’m in the Chicago suburbs and I’ve seen bulbs up (but not close to blooming) during the last week or two. Even that is too early for this area, but what I’m really worried about is my magnolia. Twenty-plus years ago, we had some very mild weather in February and the buds came out to play. And then the cold came. That didn’t end well.

  34. heather s says:

    I’m in southern England and the daffs are up here, as are the crocuses and snowdrops and the roses are coming. This is the non-winter winter as there’s not been one of any sort here – beautiful 10-14C most every day. I was in Glasgow last week (western Scotland) and the magnolia trees are starting there which is definitely VERY early for them. Meanwhile the great European freeze is blasting the east of the country, we had an inch of snow on the weekend but that was gone by morning and hasn’t affected the buds.

  35. stacylee says:

    I am also in a new house this year and planted a bunch of bulbs last fall. About a third of them started coming up because it never got cold enough! I googled it and some gardening guy said to just leave them and they be fine to come up in spring. They are mostly brown now, we had a few nasty cold days. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens in March/April.

  36. pamplemousse says:

    Here in East Tennessee we started seeing Forsythia blooming mid Janurary. We also have Peepers early too! I think that’s the saddest part… what’ll happen to those little tadpoles when the creeks freeze? Let’s hope it stays warm-ish.

  37. Urbanite says:

    The daffodils I’ve seen here in Seattle look about like Suzanne’s – buds well-formed but not quite blooming yet. This is normal for this area, though. The early cherries in sheltered locations are blooming, which is also normal.

  38. Darlene in North GA says:

    Things are budding and about to bloom here in the north GA mountains. Not good. We’ve got buds on the apple, peach and cherry trees. If we have a freeze now, and it probably WILL freeze before April, we’ll lose the tree crops. Not good for the local farmers nor our already depressed local economy.

  39. cindi says:

    Nothing growing here in eastern Ontario, but it *has* been unseasonably mild and, what’s more, some of the robins and starlings have stayed here for the winter. Not something they usually do! I’ll have a hard time telling when winter’s nearly up this year…usually I can tell by when the first of the robins & starlings come back.

  40. Oregongirl says:

    I’m in the Portland Metro westside, and noticed daffodils blooming in my neighbor’s yard today! I guess this is the upside to Global Warming…

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