Day Three


An Angry Young Calf.

Still bellowing. FYI.

The goats hate her. I think they’re going to shoot her.

If not them, Morgan.

Morgan: “Your cow is angry.”



  1. countrydreams64 says:

    Mad cow, eh? :moo:

  2. CarrieJ says:

    Give the goats some 70db ear protection and a cookie…they will love you for it!

  3. folkwoman says:

    Oh, countrydreams, you’re too funny! LOL

  4. wvhomecanner says:

    Ah, the wisdom of teenage girls LOL
    :wave: Hi Morgan


  5. rurification says:

    I needed that laugh. Thanks!

  6. whaledancer says:

    Are you going to share the wealth and do a video?

    Remember, “this, too, shall pass.” Hang in there.

  7. PinkyMac says:

    Be strong Suzanne, be very, very strong! :moo:

  8. bonita says:

    At least she’s not pounding her fists on the floor in aisle 2 of the grocery store!

  9. Eggy says:

    Can you not ‘farm-out’ the weaning? 🙂

  10. NancyL says:

    I’d be afraid Clover and her crew would break GB loose, and get the ducks to flap their wings to chase her down the road! Better have LOTS of cookies on hand!

  11. daiseymae says:

    well, she’ll “beller” for a few more days and then accept her fate. which isn’t a horrible thing when you think about it. she has it made…

  12. JeannieB says:

    Poor little baby, be strong and do not give in.

  13. msmitoagain says:

    I hope the goats don’t gang up on her!

  14. Window On The Prairie says:

    She should stop in a few days. Hang in there. :hissyfit:

  15. marymac says:

    WOW!! I thought only chickens give Stink Eye,!!!!

  16. Szyhmkr says:

    Well blast it all. I signed up to use the forum, but I cannot figure out how to type my message. I click on the box that says introduce yourself, the window with the bubble used to enclose quotes, but I cannot open up anything to type???

  17. melonhead says:

    I quit weaning my daughter after days of her screaming, and went back to nursing. Maybe you should try that. ha ha ha… 😆

  18. jeepdriver says:

    That is one strong minded cow….and I’d like a movie clip too. I don’t get to hear cows here in the city. How is mama taking the separation?

  19. TinaBell says:

    Oh my, that is one Mad Looking Calf! I’ve never seen such attitude on an animal’s face! Hysterical for me, though not for you and Morgan…Sorry for your angst! Hang in there! :moo:

  20. Debbie in PA says:

    NancyL had the same thought as me, only in my scenario the goats cannot take it any more and gang up to free her and then she runs to mama! You find them together in the morning, the goats are on your porch, demanding cookies to compensate for their suffering!

  21. AnnieB says:

    I know now that I LOOOVVVE cows! We were at a nearby farm today to pick up some asparagus and spinach (YUM!!! fresh asparagus again!!!) and they had about a dozen year-old hiefers, and guess what – they were all either Jerseys or Brown Swiss! I walked up to the fence and they all came over to me, and just lined up for head scratches. They were simply adorable. And when I walked away they all started bellowing! I thought of you right away, Suzanne. You would have loved ’em :moo:

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