Dinner Time


That’s right. It’s dinner time. They know it. And YOU know it. Because they go to the stumps in the goat yard and SCREAM UP AT YOU ON THE PORCH until you feed them.

Lucky they’re so cute.


  1. Nancy in Iowa says:

    At least they don’t go into your bedroom and jump on you like Emma, my cat, does!!! 😀 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    Oh my, like little birdies chirping at their mama!!

  3. Tracey In Paradise,Pa. says:

    thats so sweet…my chickens run up to my porch to meet me with there food..
    your so loved!! and needed…lol

  4. CindyP says:

    Even the little chickies in my bathroom let me know…..it’s just the time, they have food! Every morning at 8:00 and every night at 7:00 they start up a ruckus. I wonder if this is the schedule they would like to keep for feedings????

  5. Kelly Walker says:

    God makes them cute so we don’t kill them at times like that! They are really cute. That would make a nice picture to paint.

  6. Diane says:

    Too cute. My dogs know when its breakfast time, dinner time and bed time. Even the cat gets in on the act. And he is the worst about being fed and haveing food and treats. Mewo’s until he gets his way. lol.

  7. Christine says:

    Ain’t that the truth! I had no idea how vocal they would be. Do yours bite, too? If I go out in the pasture without food mine will bite at my jeans as if they’re starving.

  8. Barbee' says:

    Yes, they are the cutest things, I just love all those little faces! By the way, did the transition occur? If so, it was totally painless over here on this side. Lucky us :clover:

  9. Kim Gibson says:

    Looks a little bit like a slightly wrong Musicians of Bremen poster!

  10. kerri says:

    Feed me Mom! :moo: (we badly need a goat icon. Too bad you can’t find one) :happyflower:
    Yes, they’re very cute 😆

  11. becki says:

    Does Jack think he’s a goat?

  12. Helen says:

    My cat does the same thing to me. In the morning, she jumps up on the bed and bites me awake. Then, if I don’t get out of bed, she sits in the bedroom and screams and yowls at the top of her lungs. If I still ignore her, she starts to race around the house…up and down the stairs, through all the rooms and back out again. Usually, I get up and feed her when she first bites me awake, but sometimes, just for my own amusement, I let her go a little while just to see the show she puts on :shocked: .

    The first rule of Bite Club is: you don’t talk about Bite Club.

  13. Linda G says:

    At least they feel you are a trainable servant!

  14. heidiannie says:

    Your photo reminds me of the folk tale- is it called The Bremen town Musicians by the brothers Grimm?
    All you need is a rooster sitting top of the goats backs.

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