Back to my bull problem. The guy with the Black Angus bull tried to load him two evenings in a row and can’t get him to load. (What, does he not want to see Glory Bee? Glory Bee’s feelings are hurt, let me tell you.) He doesn’t have another bull, but he’s going to try to find one for me. In the meantime, my other option is my neighbor up the road who loaned me a bull last year. He doesn’t have that bull anymore, but is getting a new one, but I can’t have the new one for another month. That upsets my breeding schedule for a spring calf, so I’m still looking around to see if I can find one sooner.

Glory Bee and I are so upset!


  1. Ann W says:

    Maybe he should bring his empty truck by, put Glory Bee in it, then drive back to load the bull. The bull will be so struck by Glory Bee’s beauty he’ll follow her anywhere! (Unless the trailer is too small for two cows.)

  2. littlefeet757 says:

    Oh man Glory Bee got stood up. He does not know what he is missing. I’d tell Glory Bee… NEXT!

  3. judyg says:

    Could you take Glory Bee to him?

  4. lattelady says:

    Being he is being “bull-headed” are you sure your fences can hold him if and when he shows up?

  5. Joell says:

    Someone shoud start an on line “dating” service for this sort of thing………..”Have Bull Will Travel”.

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