Photo by Jerry Waters.

I got a little distracted today, so I thought I’d better pop in here and tell you I’m alive and everything’s fine! I don’t want to go into my distraction–I do have a personal life–but it’s not a bad thing, so don’t worry.

Let me also point out that there is no such book title as you see above. Jerry is a wizard at photo play. But, if there were such a book, I WOULD BE READING IT. (Glory Bee on the cover is a nice touch, don’t you think?)


  1. Granma2girls says:

    Love it! And, yes, you are allowed to be distracted! I think we’ve all been spoiled having you all to ourselves in Blogland! Ha!

  2. Barbee says:

    That Jerry is a whiz! Such a cute photo. Thanks for popping in.

  3. Louise says:

    Great picture. Enjoy your day of distraction. You are allowed. :yes:

  4. JustJane says:

    Great picture! That book … only in our dreams :moo:

  5. Rainn says:

    Oh my goodness !!! Love love this photo.!!! :woof: – he has wonderful photo shoots!! And YES you need “me” time!!– enjoy yourself!!!! :happyflower:
    Fondly, Rain

  6. Old Geezer says:

    I’m gonna take a wild guess that “someone” sprinkled some foodie treats around the chair before sitting down, but forgot to tell Mr. Goose.

  7. hollygee says:

    I love that picture with all your fur ‘n feather family about you.

  8. MousE says:

    Great photo composition. And Suzanne! You’re wearing PANTS! 😀

  9. Peace Of Mind says:

    Love MousE’s comment … I was thinking almost the same thing..Suzanne is wearing “pants” …. hope you have taken some me time and purchased yourself some new “jeans” for those times your “distracted”..So Happy to read your even “more happy” than ever before..~~HUGS~~

  10. Artsychef says:

    This is hilarious! Great idea. You should stage more of these type photo shoots. I see the poor goose is still alone in the background. Please…….

  11. holstein woman says:

    Suzanne, do you ever notice how WE all pick you apart photo and word by photo and word.
    This is very cute, I wish someone would have written a magazine like that. It would be a million seller.

  12. holstein woman says:

    Looking again at the back cover of the book, isn’t that Sassafras farm on the back cover also?

  13. Della says:

    I am so happy you are distracted!! I am also glad to see pictures of the front of you. You are such a lovely person inside and out. Have a wonderful DISTRACTION.

  14. Lois says:

    I think this is the best photo of yours I’ve seen yet! The book (albeit photo shopped or whatever) and the animals surrounding you. So cute! Can’t believe I’ve missed it nearly the whole year but for some reason I wasn’t getting your posts or even emails very often for a long time.

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