Door Prize #3


Door prize #1 winner: For the first calendar, #50, northcountrygirl.
Door prize #2 winner: For the lavender and basil soap, #118, Sarah K.

Winners, email me at CITRgiveaways(at) with your full name and address for shipping!

Door prizes at the party included home-canned goodies, so for those of you who weren’t there, here’s your chance to win a set of two half-pint jars of the goodness. Corn cob jelly and strawberry-lemon marmalade. Leave a comment to let me know you want it! (This is good stuff!!!) This contest will close when I post the next door prize.

There are still more door prizes on the way today!

Winner of the jelly and marmalade: Comment #46, Katie. Email me at CITRgiveaways(at) with your full name and address for shipping!

THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED. See the next giveaway: Door Prize #4.


  1. Denise says:

    OHHH! Sounds yummy! Pick me!

  2. Rah says:

    Oh, that looks so pretty I would be tempted just set it in the sunlight. But the contents would win out and I would open those jars and think of you with every spoonful. Congratulations on what sounds like a fine party!

  3. Marion says:

    Yes please πŸ™‚

  4. Carol Campbell says:

    that strawberry marmalade sounds too good for adequate description!

  5. MMT says:

    Bet they are delicious. Count me in, please.

  6. Kelleh says:

    Looks delicious!

  7. Cheryl says:

    Oooooo, yes please, that sounds deeelishus.

  8. heidiannie says:

    Yum, sounds good. Sign me up!

  9. Teri says:

    would like to win those!

  10. Susie says:

    I hope I win Jelly or anything available. I know it is fresh coming from here!

  11. stacy says:

    Trying for number 3-looks good

  12. Celeste says:

    Yum yum, sounds good! I’d like to enter

  13. Charley says:

    Oh, that looks so good! Count me in! πŸ™‚

  14. Rachel says:

    Would love to try it! Love your blog!

  15. Vicki in So. CA says:

    These sound delicious! Sign me up! :wave:

  16. Connie of Ohio says:

    Would love to win.

  17. Amber says:

    me :woof: me :dancingmonster: me :hissyfit: please!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:

  18. Su says:

    I would LOVE to win this! I’ve been going crazy trying to imagine the taste!

  19. Maureen says:

    I have never tasted either one but I would love to.

  20. Maria says:

    What an exciting day on your blog! I keep checking in!

    Thank you for letting us enter!

  21. judydee says:

    Would love to try both.

  22. emily says:

    Yeah baby! ME!

    Tried to make corn cob jelly the othere day…..left my husband to watch it while I ran up to get some more pectin…..take a guess what happened to it….yep…burned….

  23. Debi says:

    Yummy! I’d love to win!

  24. Cassondra says:

    This is so fun! I wish I could have been there! I’d love a door prize!


  25. geena22 says:

    trying in vain again. hoping for the best.

  26. Sharon says:

    I would love to win the Corn cob jelly and strawberry-lemon marmalade.

  27. Amber says:

    Ooh! I’d love it! They sound delicious.

  28. Barbara Watson says:

    Im not exactly entering your door prize,but that would be nice too.Your son had an accident Sunday before last and your daughter ran to my house to use the phone. I was just checking to see if everything was ok!!Hope he is doing well!…Ps I love to read your stories!!!

  29. Karen B says:

    :hungry: They sound wonderful and look so pretty!

  30. Barbie says:

    I’d love to win! My attempts at corn cob jelly failed this year, this will encourage me to try again next year.

  31. Eunice Moore says:

    Since I was unable to attend what lookid like the party party of the year I would love to win one of the door prizes. Thanks Suzanne. :happyfeet: :shimmy: :happyfeet: :snoopy:

  32. Kathy McCarty says:

    In L-O-V-E with my country!


  33. Mary Kellogg says:

    Nom nom nom.

    I need this!

    Mary K

  34. Ashlee M says:

    I’ve been dying to try that corn cob jelly!

  35. Tennille says:

    I would love to win that beautiful jelly!!

  36. hershiesgirl says:

    Wow I completely missed the soap giveaway….I am dying to try the corn cob jelly, but not brave enough to make a batch until I know my hubby likes it. πŸ™‚ Pick me! Pick me!

  37. Langela says:

    I’d love to have some!

  38. Banana says:

    Would love to try them! Pick me πŸ™‚

  39. ArkansasCyndi says:

    I want the corn cob jelly SO BAD! I’m dying to try it. :wave:

  40. Jenn G says:

    Sounds like it was a great day! I hope to attend next year! I’d love to win a doorprize…thanks!

  41. Celia Allen says:

    :snoopy: I’ll jump for joy along with Snoopy if could win jelly and the marmalade .

    Mrs. Turkey

  42. Kris Sherrill says:

    I would like to be entered again for the next give away please!

  43. Katie says:

    I want each prize more than the last! :chicken:

  44. Cheryl S. says:

    I want it, I want it. They both sound wonderful!

  45. Grammy Jam says:

    I would love to try these!

  46. Jessica says:

    oh yum! I want some lol! You’re so sweet to do door prizes for your bloggy friends who couldn’t come. :heart:

  47. diana in jax says:

    darn, i missed the soap! i was at the dentist. but i would love these!

  48. Deanna Jones says:

    Pick me!!!! :woof:

  49. Kathi N. in Colorado says:

    Yes, please — include me in the drawing for the giveaway!

  50. skippymom says:

    Please, please, please! Thank you.

  51. melody says:

    wow id love to win.never had corn cob jelly.

  52. Diane says:

    Trying for # 3! πŸ™‚

  53. Laura Balzekas says:

    i would love the homemade marmalade and jelly!

  54. Cindy says:

    Always happy to sample someone else’s jelly–thanks for the giveaways and the wonderful posts.

  55. Michelle says:

    Yum; two varieties the likes of which I’ve never tasted. Count me in!

  56. ladybird_1959 says:

    It’s me again. I would really like to win.

  57. morningstar says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Please enter me for the jelly/marmalade drawing?

  58. Denise says:

    Yummy! Please enter me! :wave:

  59. Rosanne says:

    I have never tasted either jelly or marmalade, would love to try, please include me in the drawing.

  60. 4jsMOM says:

    Suzanne, I’m not going to miss the good times next year. But since I didn’t make it to the party this year, anything I would win from you would be great.

  61. Nita says:

    They look delicious, I would love to enter please.

  62. Linda T. says:

    I would love the jelly! I too missed out on the soap πŸ™ Went to bible study and ended up staying to help the new pastor with stuff (I’m the church secretary, so I couldn’t really say: “sorry, have to go home and enter for door prizes”)

  63. Merlin says:

    They look AWESOME!!! I hope I get picked! :happyfeet:

  64. Kathleen H in Indiana says:

    yummo!!! Hope I win!!!!

  65. Brigitte says:

    Yum!!! I would love it!

  66. susan says:

    How could I NOT enter? Count me in~!

  67. Diane says:

    I would like to have the jelly as I’ve not tasted either one.

  68. suzanne says:

    You are making me hungry for biscuits and jelly, yummy.

  69. Renee says:

    :woof: Me first!! Me first!! Me first!!! :snoopy: :snoopy:

    goodies!! jelly, marmalade!!!!

  70. Jamie Dome says:

    #3 here we go!

  71. Grammie Earth says:

    The first time I had ever heard of Corn Cob Jelly was at CITR! I would love to have a bottle to share with other amazed people!

    :wave: I have my fingers crossed…


  72. Miss HomeEcs Daughter says:

    Send it straight to Texas…lol

  73. Glenie says:

    Would love to win a prize

  74. bonita says:

    oh, yes…me too pls. Haven’t had corn cob jelly in half a century!

  75. Barbee' says:

    Hope I’m not too late. I would love to be in this draw. This is so much fun!

  76. DEBBIE WHEELER says:

    Would love some of that on my toast. Thanks!

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