Down at the BP Station


Jack likes to hang in the BP station because that’s where all the good stuff happens. As in, feed. Beulah Petunia patiently awaits my milking attention while the interloper invades her stall each morning. She knows she’ll get hers!

She has the calm, cool perspective of She Who Knows She Is Special.

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  1. Nancy in Iowa says:

    And that she is!

  2. Suz in the Tules says:

    Get your ass out of my stall!

  3. Shirley T says:

    That’s too cute

  4. lavenderblue says:

    What a sweet, patient face. BP’s, I mean. I used to long for just goats on my fantasy farm. Now, I’m not so sure….

  5. patrice says:

    Jack looks a little chubbier in the photo. BP looks like the picture of patience. She knows that when he is so fat that his legs cannot reach the ground, she can have the pick of the feed! :hungry2:

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