Dry, Little Driveway, Dry


We’re having a series of dry days! I can’t wait till the driveway can be graded to get rid of the deep ruts that make driving up and down like a rollercoaster ride. I am SO READY.


  1. Julie says:

    My father-in-law grew up in WV and my husband visited there a lot as a kid. Your pics bring back a lot of memories of his time there. I can’t wait to show him this one. He’s described driveways like this one. That must be one bumpy ride!!

  2. NorthCountryGirl says:

    I’ll bet! I don’t envy the drive over those ruts even when they’re dry.

  3. CindyP says:

    Hrist, 😆 …. that’s better than a quad!

    The roads are like that around here, too, I did get the van (non 4×4) stuck 😮 Drove all winter long, didn’t get stuck, but that mud and ruts just sucked me in!

  4. Jill from Spencer WV says:

    we have a road that looks like this going to the field.. luckily i live close tot he hard road and don’t have to go on it to get to town! (you need a goat gravatar!)

  5. Phyllis says:


  6. LauraP says:

    You have a tractor, don’t you? That’s how I keep the ruts under control on the field roadways where we move big bales — flatten the ruts with the big back tires as they start to dry out, repeat as needed. I’ve done it on the driveway, too, before adding more gravel though not so much lately. Just one iffy spot left now after 5 years of driveway work.

  7. scorwin says:

    How do you grade this? Do you have a big tractor with some attachment??

  8. Barbee' says:

    Yep, looks like chocolate pudding!

  9. Miss Becky says:

    oh this brings back memories of mud and ruts…and springtime in Wisconsin. :yes:

  10. Just Kris says:

    I feel your pain! Our driveway is ruts too right now. Definitely requires a lid on the coffee cup in the morning when I take the kids to the bus stop!!

  11. Michele says:

    Wow, that is quit a mud pile but you have a beautiful farm!!! :shroom:

  12. lavenderblue says:

    I’d give anything to be far enough away from civilization to have a driveway that looks like this. But I don’t drive. Bet my husband would take a different view. If I came to your farm for grading time could I take a turn on the tractor, though? Believe it or not, I’ve driven those a little bit.

  13. Yvonne says:

    I can’t say for sure from the picture of your road, but I think you (or 52) need to get the tractor out for grading before it dries up too much more!

  14. Yvonne says:

    …Just seems to me that it would be easier than bone dry grading…But what do I know? LOL! :sheep:

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