Easter Imaginings


I’m baking a really large order today for somebody–a dozen brown sugar and cinnamon croissants, a dozen chocolate croissants, a dozen butterhorn rolls, a loaf of bread, three dozen cookies, and two dozen cinnamon rolls.

When I ship a large order, sometimes I imagine it arriving at their house. How much family is coming in? Do they sneak the boxes in the house and tell everybody they made it? Or is their husband’s family coming into town and they don’t like them and they told their husband, “I am NOT cooking for them, so hand over your credit card!” (This one amuses me.) Of course, what I hope most is the notion that everyone loves it and they say, “I got it at this Etsy shop–let me tell you about it!” (Ha ha.)

I also imagine what else they must be having if they’re starting with all these goodies. Roast lamb, mashed potatoes, buttery peas, glazed carrots, chocolate cream pie….. Doesn’t that sound good?

By the way, here is a funny. There was a sweet lady who used to order quite regularly. She told me one time that her husband had Alzheimer’s. He’d see her bring in the boxes, then he’d promptly forget anything came to the door, and she said he was really excited about her new love of baking!

What are you having for Easter? My mother always served lamb, which is really hard to come by in the grocery stores around here, so I never have it unless, you know, I have something available in the barn yard!


  1. yvonnem says:

    I would love to order one of everything, but the doctor put me on a low carb diet! :hissyfit:

  2. brookdale says:

    We do an Easter brunch because we all love breakfast things. Making your breakfast casserole again this year, and your deviled eggs, with different kinds of muffins, homemade jams, donut holes from Dunkin, and of course Peeps and jelly beans in little dishes at everyone’s place. Plus whatever else anyone wants to bring. This year we have a new great granddaughter, nearly a year old! Can’t wait to see her again.

  3. brookdale says:

    Oops, forgot, ham slices too!

  4. beforethedawn says:

    Mmmm I wish I knew the people that were ordering! I’d have to invite myself over.

    We usually have ham for Easter. The kind my husband prefers is not common out here. We don’t like it salty. I usually make challah bread and marshmallows (the store ones hurt my stomach), but our closet size kitchen is a disaster and falling apart, so I haven’t felt like making anything from scratch. (We’ll be tearing it out and putting in a brand new kitchen in a different part of the house very soon, I cannot wait!)

  5. rurification says:

    We’re having roast chicken, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, something green. Fudge zucchini cake for dessert. I love how the house smells when a bird is roasting.

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