Emergency in the Creek at 6 a.m.


This is only funny because she’s still alive. One must laugh after such adventures. (More later. Am baking furiously for this afternoon’s food photo shoot. She is okay! But she almost wasn’t….. And obviously that is an old photo with her old halter and there is a grammatical typo in there, forgive me, I’m in a hurry.)


  1. bonita says:

    OMG! of all the things that could happen…glad she’s okay …hope she’s hobbling around soon…. Of course we all want to know what happened…Do you have to get a Life Alert beeper for her?
    hope photo shoot goes okay

  2. Rose H says:

    Phew, thank goodness all is okay…
    Good luck with the food shoot!

  3. RosieJo says:

    “All’s well tht ends well” and “Just keep moving” are two mantras that have gotten me thru many a day… You are welcome to use them, too.

  4. dawdawsmom says:

    two words…bubble wrap!

  5. NancyL says:

    Oh, good grief! That’s going to be some story. The “elbows up” “old” photo reminds me of when a dog we had years ago – German Shepherd/Collie mix – fell into a friend’s pool. We folks were all inside visiting and laughing, but Diane heard her cries – we trooped out to find Princess hanging on to the edge of the pool by her elbows, unable to get out! We finally coaxed her around to the steps and out, safely.

    Nancy in Iowa

  6. Sue, a Florida Farm Girl says:

    Gracious!!! Glad to hear she’s okay but can’t wait to hear the tale. Hope the photo shoot goes well for you today. Never a dull moment, huh?

  7. pugwaggin says:

    I am so glad she is okay.

  8. Old Geezer says:

    I watched the Coen Brother’s remake of True Grit last night. I cried when the marshal shot Little Blackie out of kindness. I could not have taken another hurt animal story so soon. Give BP good wishes from one old fogey to another.

  9. joykenn says:

    Goodness, crisis always happens when you’re busy with other stuff! Awaiting full tale of the adventurous cow when you have time.

  10. WvSky says:

    As you well know, Suzanne does not make grammatical errors. I Do! I sent that to her in a rush after she told me the story. ( This is why I’m not a writer ) 😆

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