The End Is Near


I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to convince Morgan that she should sign her own school notes. After all, I trust her completely. She is just that kind of girl. Unfortunately, because she is that kind of girl, she refuses to sign her own school notes. It wouldn’t be right! I don’t know how I raised her this way. I was signing my parents’ signatures on my school notes starting in junior high.
She insisted I sign a note for her the other day and I realized that soon I could legitimately refuse. She will be 18 in another month. And I realized that, since she is my youngest, I’ll never have to sign a school note again for the rest of my life.

And I decided I would sign all the notes she wants for the next month without complaining. And then retire my pen.

I’m not sure yet how I feel about that!


  1. Della says:

    :wave: Sad, happy also maybe a little confused. My Baby is 45 and I still don’t know where the years went. Love him and miss him he moved away this year, 1500miles is a long way for a morning hug.

    You will feel free and maybe a little lonely for awhile and then you realize the Gran kids are coming and you can love them spoil them and then they go home and your free again.
    Your Ohio flame will get more attention. Life is good!!

  2. PinkyMac says:

    I have never been very concerned about my age, in fact more often than not as an adult I had to stop and think about it when someone asked my age. But…when my youngest turned 18 it made me very sad about my age, something about all my babies being grown I guess. 😕

  3. holstein woman says:

    You seem to be the mother of all mothers in that you have raised all your children to be utmost honest and I think it shows in Morgan.
    I understand your feelings of disappointment about not ever having to sign papers. I wish I could say something of help but, I’m not even going to try. I hope you can get through this phase of childhood growing up and be as proud of yourself as you should be. I think you have done an phenomenal job with all your children.

  4. Glenda says:

    Treasure every single (and often irritating) moment you have left with her!

    Sign those notes.

    Like Della,my baby is 45 and lives away.

  5. jacksdad3 says:

    Suzanne, I wish my son had had a Mother like you! He is now 21 and after being a single parent for his high school years, as a Dad, I make a lousy Mom! 😀

    Sign those notes and enjoy every one of them!

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