I enjoy this rotten Dumplin so much. Glory Bee is getting her comeuppance in spades. Dumplin is still small enough to jump through the cows’ hay feeder and make herself at home inside the barn below the hay loft. Mama Glory Bee can’t do a THING to stop her and can’t get to her baby when she does it. Reminds me of when Glory Bee would run under the electric fence, play in the woods, and drive BP up a tree.



  1. grammyscraps says:

    As with teenage girls who grow up to become mothers..what goes around comes around. Unavoidable and something I love watching. Glad your life is so good..

  2. Darlene in North GA says:

    oh, yeah! I have a daughter that is now a mama herself. Her first-born well…His name should have been K A R M A :devil: ! hahahaha Today, he closed a door, sneaked around to another room, waited until mama was involved with the baby, quietly slipped across the room and even more quietly, opened a door and went OUTSIDE. Thankfully, he only got as far as a small shed that is attached to the house and then he couldn’t get the door open to go all the way out, but still.

    However, her new daughter is a dream child. Slept through the night, pretty much from the get-go. Waits patiently to nurse. But #1, who will turn 2 next month – whoa, Nelly! :dancingmonster:

  3. Sheila Z says:

    …..and Granny BP is laughing her a$$ off!

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