Evil Overlord


Goats are blooming in the garden!
And I’m pretty sure I know….
….who planted them!


  1. Lois says:

    Oh no! Not Maia! I can’t believe she’d do such a thing!

  2. Joell says:

    There may be something that you can spray in the garden with a pump sprayer that would deter them, but not be harmful.Something made from kitchen items such as a pepper spray that they may not care for the taste. but on the other hand, if they would like the taste, they may ask for some homemade tortillas to go with the nice green foliage!
    We have some nice sweet grass that is thick and lush and we cannot seem to keep ahead of with the mowing, you are welcome to bring them here for a couple of weeks. 😉

  3. gogirl51 says:

    Or just keep posting these stinking cute photos!

  4. emmachisett says:

    I’ve heard that “Goats Do Roam”! Try a glass of wine.

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