A Falling Out


Dumplin told Moon Pie that she was mommy’s favorite. Moon Pie said that was a lie! Then Glory Bee wouldn’t speak to either one of them and everybody was grumpy.

P.S. See that gate behind them? That’s a new gate at the back of the field across the road that I had Robbie and Rodney install. It will connect to the field my neighbor is fencing on his property for us to run the cows across both farms.

P.P.S. This is the gate to the other cow field, across the access roads, where the cows were before I moved them to the current field they’re in across the main road from the house.
Morgan came in the house this weekend and said, “Mom! The gate is open! The cows are gone!” I told her the cows were in the field across the road. Hadn’t she noticed them over there? She said she’d seen something white, through her window, across the road chasing a chicken and she thought it was Chloe. It was Moon Pie. Apparently she’s been making friends with the chickens….or not!


  1. Joell says:

    When you have multipe animals, it is as bad as having several kids, everyone wants to be mommy’s favorite. It is nice that they have such a large pasture to run.

  2. holstein woman says:

    Sometimes I wonder why I don’t have 3 laps, one for the dog and 2 for the cats.
    They have their moments also when they are stubborn about who is favorites.

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