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My people!!!!

The chickens know when it’s suppertime for the other animals and they wait for me at the door where they know I will appear, with a bucket of feed and corn. I have to throw a handful to get past them.

Then they head for the goats’ and donkeys’ feed bin.

Smart chickens, they steal from the other side of the fence where nobody can kick them away!


  1. Rosemeri says:

    Smart girls, cute pictures.

  2. princessvanessa says:

    Chickens are smart when it comes to appropriating food from bigger animals.

  3. lilac wolf says:

    :chicken: One day chickens will rule the world. 😉

  4. Barbee' says:

    Aren’t they funny!! Love the pics.

  5. Ramona says:

    Those chickens learn fast.

  6. zteagirl71 says:

    When I went to the chicken run this afternoon to give my girls their greens, I got the impression that I was going to be gang mauled if I didn’t throw them down post haste! They’re quite devious little creatures aren’t they? :chicken:

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