Scary rocks with fangs! Everywhere! The icicles in West Virginia are one of the amazing sights of winter here.


  1. Blessings says:

    Mother Nature is a GREAT artist!

  2. ElizaRed says:

    ….great photo…reminds me of icicles at the top of Dog Creek Hill when on the bus ride to Spencer (WV) High School. Don’t remember any at the top of Vineyard Ridge …..maybe at the bottom of the hill closer to Looneyville were some outcroppings of rocks perfect for the icicles. Oh, yes, up Hollywood Road below the Squire Parsons place was usually a nice display.

  3. Valeria in NC says:

    Those are amazing!

  4. Debbie in PA says:

    We have some amazing icicles here as well. We have two on the end of the line of icicles that are nearly 5ft! I noticed that the icicles on one of the houses “in town” sort of grew toward the house, growing twisted in the process. Weird and scary looking. I would love to get a picture of them, but the house sits at a busy intersection with no nearby parking.

  5. lisa brawner says:

    Scary and beautiful at same time . I love all your photos. You make even the simplest stuff beautiful with your photography :purpleflower:

  6. kerri says:

    The fingers of Old Man Winter. Every season has its beauty. Great photo, Suzanne.

  7. Ognir says:

    Not so cool to look at when they tear down rain gutters though.

    Thanks for posting the block of updates on the front page – I was a tad confused.

  8. Chic says:

    When I see scenes like this it makes me miss living in the mountains…then I remember how long winters were in the mountains of British Columbia! :hungry2:

  9. Melinda in Washington State says:

    It’s hard to tell, is that a cave or tree trunks that the ice cicles are hanging from? Beautiful picture.

  10. heidiannie says:

    I don’t usually check out the photo- but I was intrigued and wondered if it had an oblique link to death in a garden!
    LOL- so glad to see it was fangs of ice, and not covered with blood!

  11. Melissa says:

    :snoopy: My kids love to break off the giant ones they can reach and store them in my deep freezer.

  12. Estella says:

    Wow! Those are some icicles!

  13. The Retired One says:

    You need to come to my blog today, I have very similar pictures from upper Michigan! (

  14. Cousin Sheryl says:

    You are certainly in a ghoulish mood today! First, a dead scarecrow and then “fangs.” I think you are getting cabin fever!

    Hang in there! Spring will be here – – -EVENTUALLY!! 😆
    :heart: :hug:

  15. lisa says:

    they look like stalagtights (or however you spell it!)

  16. monica says:

    hey all!
    I sure have missed all of you! I am doing well in Pittsburgh still. The girls at work are fascinated where milk comes from and that chicken eggs come out the same opening as the poop.
    Beautiful pics as usual and keeps me focused on the important things in life. :snoopy:

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