Farewell Party


The kids (Ross and his girlfriend, Morgan and her boyfriend) played at the fire pit last night. It was Ross’s last night. Today, he’s headed back to Norfolk.
Soon, he’ll be going out to sea, for a long cruise this time. We probably won’t see him again until after the first of the year. He’ll miss the holidays completely–no hunting this Thanksgiving. After he comes back, his boat will be going into dry dock and he’ll be moving to New Hampshire.


  1. Luv2Quilt says:

    I think as a mom that is always my hardest thing….. letting go. It seems you are doing it over and over each time he comes and goes. Hope you”re OK
    Sending happy thouhgts.


  2. whaledancer says:

    Oh, Suzanne, I know you’ll miss your boy. Man. Sailor. Good-byes are hard. I’m glad you got to be with him for a couple of days. I’m glad you’ve got things to comfort you: your animals, your cooking, your beautiful daughter, springtime, and the mystery man.

  3. lamsmom says:

    Thank you Ross…

  4. Sheila Z says:

    I just wanted to thank Ross for his service and you for raising a boy up that is willing to work so hard for the rest of his country.

  5. MousE says:

    Oh Suzanne, he’s so grown-up now! I love the comments above. May your children always be safe and happy.

  6. bonita says:

    Suzanne, please thank Ross for his service. And, thank you for raising a submariner. May the Lord keep you both safe and well during this separation.

  7. joykenn says:

    It’s going to be hard to be out of touch for so long. (My Dad was a sailor so I know.) Unfortunately we’re not used to these kind of separations like they were back in wooden ship days (before video chats and cell phones). It does make homecomings so special though.

  8. lesliedgray says:

    I’m glad you got this visit..It is nice that he came and spent his last time off with the family..

  9. Della says:

    Ross is such a country boy. The picture says it all.
    Please thank him for his service.
    My baby boy (45) just moved to Ca.It doesn’t matter how old they are, they are still our babys.

  10. GrammieEarth says:

    LOL I have to ask…is that a tin of chewing tobacco or boot polish on the coffee table???

    Safe travels Ross.

  11. holstein woman says:

    What a great man you have raised. I hope the time without him will go fast, I know what it is like because my dad was a merchant seaman and was gone for 6 months at a time.
    BLESS you both! May the good Lord take care of him and his shipmates while they are gone.

  12. pensiero says:

    New Hampshire is a beautiful place to visit! Please thank Ross for his service to our country!

  13. Diane says:

    I was thinking that when you first started this blog Ross was still a boy. Now he is a man. How time flies. Tell him thank you for his service to our country. Our military do not get enough credit for the work that they do and the time spent away from family and friends. I know you will miss him.

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