Farm Colors


I was looking out over the barn yard the other evening as the light on the barn came on, noticing the colors of a farm. My book cover is in green and pinky-reds, just like my website. And it occurred to me that those are the colors of a farm, too. Hunh.

FYI, there is a TON of work going on here this week. Fencing, deck work, and more, as much as can get done this week and next week, too, now that the weather is finally turning around and giving us some spring. There’s a long list of long-awaited projects to be completed! (Including painting the barn!) Not all of these projects involve me helping to do work, but they all involve my sometimes inept direction. (Ha.) And sometimes just a bunch of laughing and having fun. Just wanted to let you know if I’m on and off and distracted, that’s why!


  1. brookdale says:

    Sounds like a fun and productive week! Hope the weather cooperates for you.

  2. Della says:

    Ha I thought on,off and distracted was a way of life.
    I am also in the yard and garden loving the relative warm weather.
    Co. mountains are still chilly :sun:

  3. holstein woman says:

    Our farm requires moving cattle and adding to the fencing to separate babies and mommy cows. So, I understand, hope you get lots of good weather too.

  4. bonita says:

    Hunh indeed! Wonder where the cover designer got the color scheme for YOUR book. hmmm? BTW, in addition to the great cover photo, meant to give a shout out for the actual cover design as well. Cool integration of photos and text.

  5. BuckeyeGirl says:

    Not tryin’ to boss you around, but would this “spot” work for a weekly, or at least frequent photo op to show the approach of spring on the property? It’s kinda neat to see the progress of the green and the blooms, and maybe even the progress of fall colors eventually. Just~a~thought! :moo:

  6. Ag Adventure says:

    I am excited for spring on our farm too! I can’t wait to get out and play in the garden, and work with our livestock outside without a set of coveralls! The to do list gets to be a hundred miles long (or so it seems) but there is something about spring that makes everything such a plesant task. I’m glad you enjoy it too!

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