Farm Crop


Since the Great Flood last summer, numerous items have turned up on the farm, washed up from the flood waters, to be harvested like a wild crop. One of my favorites is this vintage Royal Crown Cola bottle.

I did some research on the bottle. Like many manufacturers, RC used different bottle styles during different periods of time, which helps to date the bottle.

This bottle style is from the 1960s.

I cleaned it up really good, being careful not to disturb the remaining part of the label. The glass itself is in amazing condition–no chips or cracks–and it blows my mind to think of it surviving 50 or more years in after some 1960s soda drinker tossed it aside somewhere in the woods and hills of the farm to not wash back up into the sunlight and be found until decades later.

I have it for sale in my Etsy shop, though I’m not trying real hard to sell it. I keep thinking how awesome it’s going to look with wildflowers in it on my windowsill….


  1. Rain says:

    I love those old bottles. My boyfriend has a collection of old Genever Gin bottles. It makes me think of when I was a kid, there was a Coca Cola factory just around the corner from where I grew up in Montreal (Qc)…it’s condos now but I remember my grandfather keeping all of the bottles he got from that factory every time they changed the style of the bottle… I WISH my father had kept those! Those are pretty trendy Suzanne, old bottles, you could do well selling it, but you’re right, it would look lovely with wildflowers!

  2. awprice says:

    Now all you need is an old Moonpie wrapper!!

  3. beforethedawn says:

    What a great find! Flowers would look lovely in it.

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