Farm Hand Boot Camp


Surfacing to confirm that I am, indeed, still alive, as one of those weekends that takes me over expands to Monday. Reading one last set of pass pages for my book, Weston arriving home from college for the summer, and beginning a new commanding role in Weston’s farm hand training. It was Weston’s choice, among options presented, to work on the farm this summer. We started with milking the cow. Weston likes to say he is “afraid” of cows, so has never gotten this close to one before. He will be milking, putting up hay, mowing, looking for eggs, spraying off the deck when the chickens poop, raking out the old hay and poop from the barn and barn yard, learning to make cheese, walking Dumplin on the lead, spoiling Maia with her bottle of water, feeding the goats, and anything else I think up.

For free.

Because we just don’t pay well here!!

His other choices include actually get a “real” job. He chose this one for no pay, poop and milking included. Morgan, who also works for no pay around here, is training him on her chores while I train him on the others. She’ll be leaving in a few weeks to spend the summer lounging on her dad’s couch in Texas, safe in the virtue of having done chores all year.

I told Weston learning to milk a cow was good for the soul. And that it was going to be a summer he’d never forget. Maybe for Glory Bee, too! Pray for her.


  1. bonita says:

    Well, he may be working for *free*, but I bet you feed your live-in farm hands very well, very well indeed!
    BTW, how is Beulah Petunia?

  2. ibpallets (Sharon B.) says:

    Weston got his hair cut- Needs to have it shorter for the hot summer work ahead? LOL
    He will eat well, that’s for sure!

  3. lifeisgood/ Melinda says:

    I assumed with the addition of the boyfriend Morgan would make her vacation on Dad’s couch short lived so she could get back home to the fellow. Glad Weston is going to be there to help!

  4. Dghawk says:

    And here I just figured you were having a nice Mother’s Day with your youngsters. Instead you’re teaching them to do the chores while you keep the roads hot! Seems I did the same thing in my younger years. Between Charleston and Calhoun County, or Pocahontas County, and the last one to Williamsburg, VA. You go girl!

  5. whaledancer says:

    Hey, you got yourself a farm hand. Yee-haw!

  6. Diane says:

    Good for you. Kids need to help out around the home. Job or no job in my opinion. See in my house I tell my daughter this. You do not pay for food or rent, you do not pay to wash your clothes, or pay to park. So you help out for free around here. 🙂 Its good for them in the long run. lol.

  7. holstein woman says:

    You’re not teaching him to milk,you’re teaching him to operate a machine. Milking is done with hands on the cow! :moo: Sorry, teasing. I did the same with those I hired. Not my child, she isn’t home and wouldn’t have been caught under a cows udder.
    I’m really glad you have “paid with love” help.

  8. jodiezoeller says:

    That’s great that Weston can take over Morgan’s chores plus some of yours. It will be a ‘break’ for you even though I know you have several workshop/retreats planned for the summer. Stop and take a breath! I hope you all have a great summer. Tell Morgan to have fun… I hope Texas isn’t too boring for her. She’ll miss the farm and her horse!

  9. Leck Kill Farm says:

    There are times that posts like this surprise me because why wouldn’t the kids be helping out on the farm? Then I remember that your kids weren’t raised on a farm, they came to it later in life.

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