Fast Turnaround


This was the road in front of my farm last Thursday.
This is the road today.
That was an amazing storm, and then gone so quickly, it kind of boggles my mind. I’ve been sort of decompressing since I got back home from Ohio, so I’ve been a little quiet. That whole thing kind of boggled my mind, too….

But–today is making me feel like spring is really coming and I have lots of things to do!

1. CHICKENS. I want some new peeps. I’m planning to get some ducklings, too.
2. Figure out which cows are pregnant and which aren’t and do something about it. The weather really threw me off with my focus diverting off to various disasters etc.
3. GARDEN! I have the garden boxes I had put in last fall. I can’t wait to grow some vegetables again.
4. RETREATS are coming! (Click here for the schedule.)

And I might have a surprise or two or three coming up this year. Pay attention! (Teasing you!)


  1. Spiderjohn says:

    Days like today, 65 deg. and sunny here in Lesage, (right out of Huntington, Wv. on the river)do help one get out of a funk! I’m sure that the trip by itself to Ohio caused a lot of anxiety, let alone the
    pressure and apprehension of testifying in court. I imagine you did need to decompress! Did you make use of the Sassafras Farm Bar & Club?
    If you ever need live music, let me know. I play guitar and sing. Cellar bars are my kind of bars!

  2. daria says:

    I wish the snow would disappear that fast up here in Maine. But no, more on the way for this weekend. But at least we’re well prepared for it. (Definitely sick of it though – we’ve gotten over 100 inches in my neck of the woods.)

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