Finished Product


It’s working great so far! (The pipes now release into the creek on the other side of the fence.) It was nice that the previous owners left a big pile of gravel for me to use. (You can see it top right in the photo, outside the fence on the other side of the rear barn yard.) I figure they kept it on hand for the driveway. Maybe someday if I learn to drive the tractor, I’ll get to practice scooping up rocks with the bucket and dumping them on the driveway then smoothing it down. The part where the guys were picking up rocks and dumping them looked kinda fun……..


  1. Rose H says:

    So pleased it’s all sorted out – let’s hope it’s the last of the problems.

  2. STracer says:

    Wow, looks great! Glad the former owners were well prepared. 🙂 And looks nice up there. Is that today? We have snow and rain in the southern part of WV.

  3. caprilis says:

    Driving a tractor is a blast! You can do it Woman!

  4. brookdale says:

    Yay! Bring on the rain! Glad you got that problem fixed, Suzanne.

  5. BuckeyeGirl says:

    Fantastic Suzanne! Also incredibly smart to build over it that way so the fence isn’t vulnerable to curious critters as a way to escape under where the water goes through!!! LOVE IT!

    It also sounds like a great idea to practice with the tractor that way with the gravel. You’re my hero girl! :woof:

  6. Jan Hodges says:

    That looks great! Seems like all your problems at this new place have been with water. I hope this is the last of them.

  7. twiggityNDgoats says:

    That looks a lot better. Great job.

  8. bonita says:

    One and done. Looks neat and you have the advantage of knowing what’s under that patch of gravel. Yay

  9. FarmGrammy says:

    I am so happy for you! :woof: Look how FAST the job was completed, that part is just amazing. And it looks wonderful.

  10. outbackfarm says:

    Suzanne, that’s great that you have that pile of gravel. I sure wish I had one. Or 2. I just paid $4.50 for 2 5 gallon buckets of 3/4 gravel to put on my mud. Didn’t go very far. I need a dump truck. They sure did a great job. Was that part on the left of the drive already there or was it just buried or under water? It really looks good. And nice and dry.

    And one day you will be the one to get the gravel! I can see it now. Woman on a tractor, hear her roar!

  11. Sheila Z says:

    Just remember to keep the bucket of the tractor low to the ground and go really slow. Gravel is really heavy and it’s easy to overload. Tractors tip easily when off balance with a raised bucket. Also, if the bucket is already low it’s easy to just drop it to the ground to stabilize the tractor if you start getting into trouble. Low and slow. Keep that in mind and you will get lots done safely.

  12. Heather Weather says:

    I’ve never driven a tractor either 🙂 A couple of friend’s of mine, when they were building their house, added gravel to the driveway. It took a awhile, but it was worth it. The look afterwards was just gorgeous. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂 :sheep:

  13. Diane says:

    Looks nice!! Glad you got it all sorted out. Looks like it will be better now to get to your barn.

  14. Ms.Becky says:

    I’m so glad the standing water is gone and all is well now. oh happy day.

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