Fired Up


One replacement part later, my cousin got my furnace back in business. Wonder what will break next around here? ::thunk::


  1. Dottie says:

    ENOUGH is ENOUGH ALREADY !!! So glad to hear you have heat again. You have had way more than your share of frustration over the past few months. You should be due for a couple of YEARS of stress free enjoyment of your new farm.

  2. mamawolf says:

    No, no, no. Don’t ask that question because you will surely find out!! Ask me how I know!. Sincerely hope this is the last of the problems.

  3. Claudia W says:

    You have some very awesome people in your life! I know it’s because you are awesome. You are done with all the trials and tribulations. You have passed the test of patience.

  4. Linda Goble says:

    You have certainly had your fare share of trouble. I pray that it is over and sunny days ahead for you. You are such a strong woman I don’t know how you kept it together. Me I would of curled up and cried like a baby a long time ago. Sending you a sunny smile cause you really need it. :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun:

  5. VikingMiss says:

    I can so relate. We had the fireplace issue this year, but still haven’t had anyone out to fix our furnace in 3 years. Can you send your cousin to Washington state? 😀

  6. dee58m says:

    Woooowhooo heat again.. but.. you must think positive thoughts.. not “what next thoughts”… 🙂

  7. StuckinMiami says:

    When it rains, it pours; and you’ve been stuck in a monsoon. No worries.

  8. yvonnem says:

    Your cousin is such a wonderful Mr. Fix-It and you are so lucky to have him. Just think of the money he has saved you (I know you already know)!

  9. BethAnn says:

    You..have an awesome cousin! What a blessing!

  10. Angela P says:

    Give that cousin of yours a huge hug from us and a peck on the cheeck too! I do hope and pray that this is the last of the house repairs for awhile, a loooonnnnggg while!

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