First Business in the Barn


The donkey hoof trimmer came on his first call to Sassafras Farm yesterday. He knows I don’t have a man on the place here, so he brought his cousin, the pig man, with him to help handle the donkeys. It’s nice to know “my peoples” are ready to look after me. Or that they think I’m useless. However! He didn’t know I had my secret weapon at hand. Morgan. She’s eager to show me that she’s ready for a horse. Even if it means she has to perform with a miniature donkey. (Note Jack, who’s already had his trimming, watching impatiently from the alleyway. He wants his Poky back.)

Can I just say how absolutely wonderful it is to have a barn with lights and stalls so you can take animals inside, to a controlled space, when work needs done, instead of chasing them around big muddy fields? Let me say that again. I LOVE HAVING A BARN!


  1. enjay says:

    Barns sure do Rock, glad to see that you’re enjoying yours. Did BP or GB settle before the move? Oh, an FYI the survey on the site has an error and it won’t let me actually take the survey. Sorry.

  2. Mandys says:

    The Barn looks so cozy!! I want to get in it ;-;.

  3. Sonia says:

    I want one too, LOL!!! Until that time, I am going to enjoy yours right along with you. :)))

  4. Flowerpower says:

    Talk about falling in to something good! Well Suzanne I guess it’s meant to be since you were chosen by the family to own this wonderful place. Lucky girl!!!! I know you are just thrilled. I would be! Think about milking in the barn…so much easier! I am just tickled pink that this place is yours. :hug: :happyflower:

  5. CATRAY44 says:

    It is a wonderful place. I am so happy for you all! Can’t wait to see the horse Morgan chooses!

  6. Yankee in NC says:

    Each new post makes me more happy for you! I cannot believe how gorgeous your new farm is! I read in the news that Texas horse owners are giving away and abandoning horses due to the drought and lack of hay……….any horsey people in your area going to TX soon? Maybe they could get Morgan a great horse for free!

  7. STracer says:

    Hoof trimming! I need training on trimming goat hooves. I can look at the videos and learn, but I don’t think I trimmed enough. Fear of hurting them is ruling my hand!
    That barn is beautiful by the way. Looks to be very well built and cared for over many years. Aren’t you lucky that Morgan wants a horse, those stalls will need cleaning eventually. :yes:

  8. Miss Judy says:

    I love old barns! The newer barns are just buildings. However, I WOULD take a new one! I love Sassafras Farm more with each post.Do you find yourself wondering if it is real?

  9. Diane says:

    The house is charming. Cant wait to see it decorated for Christmas. 🙂 Its nice to see the animals in their barn. They look happy, clean and warm. I am glad you found this place. Looks like it will be so much easier to take care of your farm and animals. And I think you might get to relax sometimes a little more there too. lol. Just so happy for you.

  10. Jane L says:

    I just want to echo what Yankee in NC said.. each new post is making me beam with happiness for you:)

  11. Glenda says:

    I had missed the previous post about your moving and I saw this wonderful barn and thought when on earth did you get that built! I went back and got caught up.

    I am sorry for the sad part but not that you have found this wonderful place. I could live there in a heartbeat! I believe it was meant to be.

    You will be in heaven having a nice warm, well-lit place to milk, and keep all the critters….and a horse for Morgan. The boys may be jealous now. I wish you just a farm full of happiness and success.

  12. JerseyMom says:

    Boy am I jealous! My little barn is full of hay – brought in another 50 bales on Saturday so I don’t have to haul any until March (I hope…) The horses have a run-in but the chasing around in mud sure sounds familiar. My farrier comes tomorrow and she’s a woman! Little bitty thing and young too, but she has absolutely no trouble with the big ones. She works with my vet (also a woman) and has been deemed very talented. I’m grateful because I’m the one who holds the horses!

    There are indeed many, many horses looking for homes right now. Between the economy and the bad hay season in many areas there are owners everywhere desperately seeking new homes for their horses. You certainly shouldn’t have to buy a horse! The craigslist in our area has free horses almost every day…..

  13. MousE says:

    What a lovely barn! What a lovely girl you have, too.

  14. holstein woman says:

    I actually think Morgan is dreaming of BIG the new horse. I know the horse and she will love the new digs.

    I’m so happy for all of you.
    Bursting with JOY!

  15. Leck Kill Farm says:

    I am so happy for you! Functional outbuidings (and fences) make farm life so much better. My parents moved from a “make do” rural property (it doesn’t deserve the label “farm”) to a farm with a real horse barn and fencing and it made all the difference in the world.

  16. Dottie says:

    I LOVE you having A BARN TO LOVE !!!

    I know how bad you wanted a barn and now you have not just a barn, but a BEAUTIFUL PERFECT BARN – on a BEAUTIFUL PERFECT FARM !!!

    I just couldn’t imagine how you managed to cope with and accomplish so much at Stringtown Rising.

    Can’t wait to follow this new adventure at Sassafras Farm. I sure do hope you are able to work less and have more time to enjoy.

  17. Jersey Lady says:

    Yep,having the right set-up makes life so much better for humans and critters.

  18. mds9 says:

    I love your barn!
    Where are you doing your milking?

  19. BuckeyeGirl says:

    I’m glad Morgan is stepping up! You go Morgan!

    I seem to recall you said that she’s been around horses before so she knows all about how much work they are. I do fondly remember my long summer days of ‘horse time’, long long trail rides and all the 4H events we took part in… the long long hours of other work involving them sort of sliped to the back of the memory though! LOL

  20. Angela P says:

    Im so happy to hear you have a barn too. Never crazy about you milking in the rain! And Im over the top thrilled that Morgans getting a horse. Joel says get a Morgan, I say a Quarter Horse, Jake says Tn Walker…wonder why??? We are just so happy for you all! Cant wait to see you and your new place!!!!!

  21. joykenn says:

    Look at those solid board walls, the wire door to keep the animal in. What a marvelous barn!

    I know you said it had lights. Does it have electricity? A sink? Can you turn one of the stalls into a milking stall? I know you’re hoping that your cow is pregnant so you can dry her off this winter but if not, a barn makes milking not such a chore.

    You said you had a goat house. What about a chicken coop? I didn’t see one in the pictures.

    How about a rundown of the pregnant animals so we can keep track of them. Pokey is expecting, isn’t she? And Ms. Rotunditude has GOT to be having triplets. Anyone else I’ve forgotten?

  22. Linda Goble says:

    Does the hoof trimmer know when Pokey is going to have her baby?

  23. yvonnem says:

    Can I just say how happy I am that YOU HAVE A BARN! I’m tickled pink :pinkbunny: for you and the animals! :heart:

  24. CarrieJ says:

    I love that you love it. But can I say how FUNNY it is to get to watch you or your “peoples” chase your animals around a muddy yard, such as “trimming your goats hoofs” at the party on the farm this year? You can’t make that stuff up. And there are always cookies.

  25. nanaK says:

    I’d LOVE having a barn, and I don’t even live on a farm. Especially one with Lights & stalls … a nice cozy place … I’d even have to figure out a way to make it heated:-)) – –
    boy, what I could do with that space !!!
    Storage, & a craft room, a workshop/tool shed & then maybe a few more kittens … (maybe) anyway, it’s a great, wonderful space.

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