First Mow


It has begun. I got started yesterday. You?


  1. cinderbama says:

    Ugh, yes. We mowed the front yard last weekend for the first time and it needs it again already. But the back yard is a nightmare. I’m still trying to get the leaf piles up so I can mow, but the vines (kudzu, honeysuckle, ivy, and other stuff – I am in Alabama) have already taken over what the weeds haven’t. And I found my first patch of the dreaded poison ivy! My yard is huge (relatively speaking since I’m a townie) and I struggle with it. So the fun has begun for us single ladies! Good luck.

  2. Joell says:

    We just finished our first mow, so happy to get it done before the rain moves back in this afternnon, we had both tractors going and it took us about 3 1/2 hours. The trees in the orchard are budding and will onpen soon, I always dread Spring, all the weeds and so much work to do, but when I see all of the new blooms, I forget about the all of the unpleasant things.

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