Five Things


While my internet was down, I–

1. Threw a party with homemade pizza and pie for the teenagers heading to WVU.

(They never behave.)

2. Sent Morgan off to her first day of 11th grade.

(She insisted I take this picture. Remember when they were five and you wanted to take their picture on the first day of school? When they’re 16, they still want you to do it. Even though you’d rather be in bed.)

3. Watched goats try to eat my apple orchard.

(Why me?)

4. Milked a horse.

(Shortcake at the trainer’s. Man, that horse is pretty.)

5. Had Adam over to install my new Open sign for the studio. (Thank you, Old Geezer, for the gift of the sign!)

(Adam also repaired the goat field fence. And the cow field fence. No more trips for BP.)

One of the things on this list probably requires more explanation. I’ll be back!


  1. dawdawsmom says:

    please hurry with that explanation before i scratch a hole in my head =o)

  2. yvonnem says:

    Yeah, you need to explain the part about milking a horse! :dancingmonster:

  3. jeannieq says:

    Well, I’ve milked cows, and I’ve milked goats, and I’ve even milked dogs, but never a horse! You’ve got one on me there. I’m sure the principle is the same, just one of those things I haven’t done yet! I have to tell you though that having some down time from the computer can really free you up to do some of those things you actually need to do! So days I just have the limit my time on the computer or I keep hopping from one thing to another until the day is almost gone! I’ve learned lots though. Have a great day:)))))

  4. CATRAY44 says:

    I just about spit my coffee out, lol. Quick, someone bring her a cow! Run horse, run! lol

  5. Canner Joann says:

    Ummm…yeah. An explanation would be good right about now.

  6. lesliedgray says:

    Shortcake is GORGEOUS! Enjoy!

  7. Remudamom says:

    I’ve tried to milk a horse. I’ll take a cow or a goat any day.

  8. Cheryl LeMay says:

    Correction: The girls behaved for their pictures, not the boys.
    Milk a horse? It wasn’t Shortcake was it? Can’t wait to hear the news about her.

  9. mds9 says:

    Looking forward to hearing Shortcakes assessment from the trainer.
    My uncles tell a story about when on the trail they milked the mare
    to get milk for pancakes.
    The sign is great.
    Looking forward to your next post.

  10. mds9 says:

    The photograph of the kids, the girls are the quite in the middle of the storm.

  11. whaledancer says:

    @Catray44, rofl. 😆

  12. Miss Judy says:

    Gee Suzanne… do you think mares milk would make very good butter? I wonder which breed gives the richest cream.

  13. princessvanessa says:

    It is a real tribute to you that so many young adults (read WVU students) find Sassafras Farm so relaxing and inviting that they want to meet at your place before heading off to college. Yes, Morgan is tucked in there, too. These seem to be good, down-to-earth students who will soon enough be leading our country. I thank God every time I see young people who are level-headed, responsible and responsibly looking to the future. My faith is restored knowing that the torch will be passed to people such as these. God bless all of them,

  14. Diane says:

    You have a knack to leave off with a cliff hanger every once in awhile. uggg. I’m sure you will be updating in a short while. Until then so great that the kids all gathered at your place. I also love the photo. Its our county fair and all the kids I know and watched grow up are pretty much there. Each and every one different, have their own goals in life and are great I’m so proud of them. So great Morgan let you take her picture on the first day of school. My daughter stopped wanting her picture taken at about 16. lol. But we got them anyways. Such neat memories to have later on. 🙂

    So update, milking a horse? I sense some interesting things coming up here soon.

  15. Old Geezer says:

    It should be noted that the OPEN sign actually faces the near pasture land and is mainly a signal to the animals therein to begin their best imitation of loving human visitors in the hopes of getting treats.

    By the way, it works. Enter the gate with ANYTHING in your hand and you will be mobbed, hoof-jumped, horn-hooked, and hand-licked by the crowd. Bring a drum or a flute and you can even lead a parade!

  16. enjay says:

    The shortcake, she looks quite rotund for being a rescue…I can see the veins on her belly that can indicate she’s gearing up for, or is, lactating. Is she weaning? Or perhaps pregnant?
    Her eyes have the beautiful soft expression that I have learned to associate with a good, willing horse.

  17. Debbie in PA says:

    Yes, I am wondering about the “milk a horse” statement too! Also-what time does Morgan have to catch her bus–it looks so dark out there!

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