Flooding and Five Days


Yesterday ended the big five-day retreat here—two days of cheesemaking and the family cow, a big day of baking, and two more days with soap and herbs. Throughout, there was rain, including some heavy downpours and flooding, which was followed by more downpours and flooding last night. And finally the power outage I knew had to be coming eventually, but which luckily waited until after the retreat was over. So, once the generator was up and running, I was able to plug in the DSL box and get back online since the phone wasn’t out also this time. The power is still out, but I’m here to tell you I’m alive! And more on the five-day soon–it was fantastic! And I’m beat.

And P.S. The photo above–the drains are completely clogged at this point after two months of almost non-stop rain. The lower part of the goat yard is underwater. The ducks, of course, are thrilled about this turn of events!


  1. holstein woman says:

    Glad your retreat was a success, but we couldn’t expect anything else. They all are great.
    Your flooding looks like my place every winter.

  2. Heather says:

    I should have brought a swimsuit 🙂

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