Forever and Ever, Amen


Kitten and Little don’t mind power outages because they always have each other!


  1. jan-n-tn says:

    They are PURRRfectly sweet together. Best Pals.

  2. Jill says:

    aawwwwwww to be a cat!!!

  3. Julie Curtis says:

    That’s so sweet! I have 3 cats and you would never see them sleeping together.

  4. NorthCountryGirl says:

    They are so precious!!

  5. Dixie in Iowa says:

    I have lost my orange tabby Hoover this week. I think he got out when a contractor was here at the house. Hoover has never been outside before and it’s snowing here in Iowa. Sad sad sad. My other kitty doesn’t know what to do with himself. I’ve gone around the neighorhood, called the police, called animal shelter (he is chipped). You photo this morning makes me cry.

  6. Chic says:

    Kitten and little have their own little ‘generators’ to keep them warm and cozy. Dixie…hope you find your kitty it’s hiding somewhere out of the weather.

  7. rain says:

    Hardest working farm cats I’ve ever seen! Are you sure they are real and not stuffed animals? :yes:

  8. jody murch says:

    Dixie, I also live in Iowa, and I know several cats who live outside a lot. I hope yours does as well as they do!

  9. kerri says:

    Nothing sweeter 🙂 And they’re so photogenic :hug:
    Dixie, I do hope you find your kitty! So sad :pawprint:

  10. Barbee' says:

    They are the sweetest things – real snuggle buddies. Dixie, I am so sorry your kitty jumped ship. I bet once he’s back he won’t make that mistake again… hopefully.

  11. Miss Becky says:

    MY BABIES!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

  12. princessvanessa says:

    Kitten and Little, cat love at its best.
    Dixie, I am so sorry that Hoover is AWOL. Do not give up hope. I once had a tabby cat go missing for over a month. The collar with my address saved her (no chips way back then). Thank God for the kind man who coaxed her with tuna, grabbed her, and put her in his utility room. Then he found my apartment to let me know he had her. She was awfully thin and dehydrated and kept “telling” me all about her terrible time out on her own.
    I pray Hoover will make his way back to your lap.

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