Forty Pounds


That is forty pounds of oranges. As if I need forty pounds of oranges! I see a lot of orange marmalade in my future. My little neighbor teenager Burgundy, who mows my yard and helps me put up hay, was just here to deliver it. I can never resist a kid selling something. She called me a few weeks ago to tell me she was selling oranges for FFA. She said, “Do you want twenty pounds or forty pounds?” I was in bed when she called. I said, “Forty.” I woke up the next morning and suddenly remembered I had bought FORTY POUNDS OF ORANGES while I was half asleep.


I am a little scarce here because I have been baking up a storm. There will be a food photo shoot here tomorrow. Food photography and food styling is not my strong suit. While most of the photos in the book will be mine, when I realized they wanted photos for the recipe sections, I went into a PANIC. I called Jerry, who took the photos of me for the book, and he will be here tomorrow. Because I don’t want to inconvenience him more than necessary, I made up as many recipes as I could so that he could come and shoot them all at once. I will be up early, back in the studio, finishing the last-minute baking, and I’ll take photos of him taking photos. When I’m not fetching cookies, cakes, or pies, or props and other things, for him. This should be interesting. I’m hoping to learn something! Then go to bed!


  1. wvhomecanner says:

    Fortunately, those beauties will keep until you have some time for them LOL. Anxious to see how the food shoot goes! Jerry, you’re the bomb!


  2. yvonnem says:

    My goodness, Girl! You should be in bed NOW to rest up for tomorrow! But I bet your mind is so busy it will take a while to wind down and fall asleep. Better have a few glasses of wine, once you have everything under control! :dancingmonster:

    BTW, I always thought your food photos looked great. Made my mouth water and my tummy grumble many a time! :heart:

  3. Darlene in North GA says:

    Bless your heart! This couldn’t have been done in Sept, Oct, Jan or Feb, NOOOOO!! :bugeyed: 2 Weeks before Christmas is when it HAS to be done?!? :hissyfit: Do publishers/editors not bother to look at a calendar when they make assignments? :no: I guess not.

    Well, get some rest. We’ll still be here when you’re done. And remember to take some time to ENJOY the Christmas season. Take time for Morgan, too. You know, in 2 years or so, she’ll be out on her own. Great for her, lonesome for you. (Been there, doing that – 23 is married with 2 kids, 20 is married 1 kid, 18 is with dad finishing up high school. Me, single, unemployed and “babysitting” 23’s dog – read alone most days.) So grab all the time with her you can (she’ll allow)! :hug: Because when you next look, she’ll be at/in college, too. (You :bugeyed: , her :snoopy: ) lol

  4. margiesbooboo says:

    Suzanne! My daughter, Sarah, has her BA in photography and during her internship at River Front Times photographed hundreds of plated dishes! We’re in Beckley if you need her. She does have her camera with her. You can look online for her photos under her name.

  5. beforethedawn says:

    Oh man, wish I could get my hands on 40 pounds of oranges! We love fresh squeezed juice. Hard to find juice here that isn’t concentrated or not made with ingredients we try to avoid.

    Good luck with the food making and photography. Thank God for friends like Jerry!

  6. bonita says:

    Darlene: The short (smart aleck) answer is that publisher’s calendars begin in March or May and end in Feb or March. Christmas wreaths, gingerbread houses, and other commercial holiday goodies are often baked/constructed in May, June and July where there is not a candy cane or starlight mint to be found–anywhere.
    I do not envy Suzanne having to fix food for a photo shoot, but at least it’s not a commercial food shoot–the food styling in those photos is pitiful and extensive…shaving cream for whipped cream (doesn’t wilt under lights) and other abominations. (Food stylists for McD use rulers to make certain the whopper and other products are accurately represented––hour and hours of styling.)

  7. denisestone says:

    BTW — if you have any whethers in your herd, you can feed them oranges. It keeps their urine acidic during the winter when they are less likely to drink a lot of water. Acidic urine = no urinary calculi.

  8. jeandf says:

    I can think of tons of things to do with the oranges. Hope the food shoot goes well.

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